Season 3 of PFS2 Begins at Gryffyn Flight in Hannibal

I don’t get to plug the Gryffyn Flight Lodge in Hannibal that often even though they are meeting more often than the sister lodges in Quincy or Columbia. We’ve been running very consistently over the last two months and are about to start preparing for two tables during our meeting night. Unlike our weekend events, Gryffyn Flight has been spending more time with the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path and will be focusing more attention on modules before long. That doesn’t mean we are not engaging with Pathfinder Society! We still like to run those here and there to vary up the content. That brings us to the purpose of this post.

Over the next two weeks, we are going to play 3-01 Intro: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries (1-4) followed by 3-02 The East Hill Haunting (1-4). That’s October 21 and 28. Players are reminded that this means characters have to be PFS2 legal characters using sources owned by the player (Archives of Nethys does not count as an owned source). Restricted Access stuff requires the purchase with Achievement Points and the printed boon sheet presented to the Venture-Office in Charge (VOIC). Only sanctioned content is allowed in the games. I say all of this because we’ve been playing a lot of Adventure Mode sessions, so the reminder is just that. I am providing links to both the PFS2 FAQ page and the PFS2 Resources and Options page just in case you have any questions. Just to be clear, the Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Human, Kobold, and Leshy ancestries are the only free ones available along with the Half-Elf and Half-Orc heritage (Humans only) for use in Society play at this moment. Also, Guns & Gears and Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar are not sanctioned as of yet.

I do wish to direct players to HeroLab Online. While PathBuilder 2 is an excellent tool, it does not have a PFS2 setting like HLO does. If anyone is building a L1 character for CRB content, HLO is a great way to determine legality. For any other source, you need to have purchased its HLO content. I do realize this can get expensive but it is not too bad done over time. What I like about it is that you can set the character builder to PFS2 and see what is restricted by Access conditions if you have purchased the content via HLO.

As for the adventures, both are L1-4 tier. 3-01 is similar in format to 1-01 and is pretty good for introducing players to Society factions as well as starting the Season 3 metaplot. It also is a repeatable with changing parts, so there are 12 different adventure combinations before one adjusts for challenge points and encounter difficulty. 3-02 goes deeper into the metaplot and is our Halloween themed scenario for this year.

We would love to have two tables at each of the sessions, so if anyone wants to come to Game Arena in Hannibal to play on these dates, by all means come on. We have enough GMs for two tables as it stands now. We are offering both scenarios in Quincy at the October 23rd Conclave (Warhorn signup page link here), but only one table of 3-02 will be ran at it. Coming to Hannibal on the 28th would be a great way to get that scenario played. You can sign up for either or both sessions here at Gryffyn Flight’s Warhorn page.

We should be back in Abomination Vaults for November to wrap up Chapter 1 before playing some more Society scenarios in December before we begin our holiday break.

Hope to see you in Hannibal or Quincy soon!

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