Black Friday Gaming!

Who wants to roll the d20 on Black Friday? I would like to get the people who are interested in playing D&D 5e and Pathfinder 2e together on November 26th. We’re going to run D&D 5e in one time slot and Pathfinder 2e in the other time slot. The order in which we play will be determined by who wants to play what first.

You may ask why I want to do this? Well, I want to unite the communities. There’s a lot of people playing both game systems and I think that’s great. They are both excellent game systems, so let’s play them both. Too often, games are being scheduled against each other which only serves to create attendance problems. I am scheduling games to avoid this situation on Black Friday.

I am also wanting to introduce the basic concept behind a new local organized play universal campaign built around D&D 5e rules called the Tri-States Realms of Quincy (TSR of Quincy). This is going to be similar to Adventure League as it uses the newest AL rules for the basic template, but I am making changes to them to suit the needs of the local community. That means this is not AL, and that any characters ran in these sessions will not be getting AL credit. Instead, this is a localized organized play where the participants are able to take the characters from one game to another DMs table as long as both are TSR of Quincy sessions. Characters will earn monetary rewards which they can use to buy items in the game.

TSR of Quincy will use the rules system I’m working on right now to form a universal campaign so that while there may be some table variation, the rules of the campaign itself will be the same at every table. The major drawback to this system lies in the lack of continuity like you would have in a regular campaign. Players will be able to hop from scenario to scenario as long as the character they play meets the level range. While this is a definite drawback, the portability of characters, the rewards system, and increased opportunities to play higher level characters should more than make up for it.

I have finished the Player’s Guide prototype. I want to stress this is a prototype and not the final version. The Campaign FAQ is being built right now. I hope to finish the prototype tomorrow for it and then begin to construct the DM’s Guide for the campaign. I am hoping to get some input on them so we begin 2022 with the finalized set. There are things we may need to address, modify, add, or delete and I will be happy to work with people who want to participate in this campaign. We will use a chronicle sheet system to track XP and GP earned. At some point in the future, if we are able to build a database to track this stuff, we may do that. Until then though, this is going to be on the honor system.

Here are the character creation rules. This is derived from the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide and FAQ.


Use the character creation rules as presented in the Player’s Handbook (PH), with the following notes. You begin play at 1st level.
     Step 1: Choose a Race or Lineage. See the sidebar for available rules choices. Custom lineages found in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything are available.
    Step 2: Choose a Class. See the sidebar for available rules choices.
   Step 3: Determine Ability Scores. Your ability scores are generated using one of the following methods.
• Standard set (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).
• Variant: Customizing Ability Scores (PH).

   Step 4: Describe Your Character. See the sidebar for
available rules choices.
Alignment: Choose a non-evil alignment.
Deity: You may choose any deity to worship from official rulebooks that is unique to the Forgotten Realms or is not unique to another world. Clerics must choose a deity.
Faction: You may choose one faction at character creation or anytime the opportunity arises during play. Benefits for faction membership are detailed within adventures where relevant. You may only have membership in one faction at a time and may switch whenever you’d like.

As you can see, there is a system in place for character creation that pulls from many sources. Hopefully, enough DMs will want to participate so that we build up a sizeable and active community of players. I am planning to run a 5e game on Black Friday (DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep if I have to run it) or play a 5e in one time slot and will run a PFS2 game in the other slot. I’m leaning toward either a repeatable 1-4 or a repeatable 3-6. Depends on the players.

With this said, let’s get together on Black Friday and have some fun! If anyone is interested in talking about this, you can e-mail me at or if you want to communicate via Discord, use my League of Aroden server which I have installed a TSR of Quincy channel in. You can reach that discord at or use the link I put in earlier. If anyone wants to GM a PFS2 game, contact me and we will get this set up. If someone wants to run a 5e D&D game in the TSR of Quincy system, let me know. We’ll get that set up. The one thing I want to avoid is having the game systems going up against each other at the same time. Let’s play both systems so everyone can enjoy both systems!

See you on Black Friday!

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