Paint Nite!

Wednesday’s Social Gathering

Hey Pathfinders! Some of us have been toying around with the idea of a Paint Nite and a social meetup. The problem is that we’re scattered all over a wide area with close to three hours of drive time between some of us and the various stores. Well, we have an easy solution with the technology that is available to us. We just needed to get this thing rolling and at the latest Conclave, we kicked it around and decided to make it happen!

We’ve got Discord available to us for free. I’ve been using it since 2016 and it’s been working superbly for me. Today, we can use it for text, audio, and video communications as well as file sharing up to a certain MB size. We created our very own Discord server, The League of Aroden a couple of years ago, and have been keeping it active. It does not see a lot of traffic on it because many of the players are not using Discord as much as they could. However, there’s a lot of information being put on it that is gaming related, especially informative for our events in the area. Not only do we use it for our Organized Play events, it is also useful for 5e games and any edition homebrew.

What we decided to do was to host a Paint Nite every Wednesday between 6 and 10 PM. I set up a voice channel called Paint Nite which is on the left side bar down in the voice channels. Anyone can go there and start the gathering. We do not need an official host or anything like that. What we need is people to just show up whenever they want. We are going to keep this extremely informal. You don’t even have to paint! Just show up and chill with us. You can use the voice part only (just click on the Paint-Nite channel), or you can click on the video button which will be below on the bottom left after you’ve joined the voice chat. Whatever works for you is fine with us. League of Aroden Discord Link

We can paint, share stories, make plans, socialize, tell jokes, use horribly bad puns (that’s a definite thing), and just have some fun. If you want to come early, come early. If you want to stay late, stay late. As far as I’m concerned, you can use the Discord 24/7 for voice and video because that’s one of the reasons we created it. If you haven’t played Pathfinder online before, the Online Region has their own Discord server and the players use it for the same thing. We’ve had over 200 people using it before at the same time in audio chat.

So, this Wednesday, January 26th, we’ll kick this off. I probably won’t be home by 6 PM and I will have to get up a lot to get dinner ready for Deb, but don’t worry. Anyone can start this up. Everyone is welcome to the channel. Say hello and be welcome. If no one is on yet, just click the channel and eventually someone will get there. Hopefully, I will get some painting done, but I may be prepping Warlock Tiles for Winter War this weekend too. Either way, I plan to get on when I get home and hope to meet you there.

I have some friends who are in their third year of running Rise of the Runelords through their own Discord server. They’re scattered in Australia, Seattle, and North Carolina, but have been able to make their campaign work with the communications they have via Discord. It is not only their game hub, it is also their means of connecting to each other socially over distance.

One more time: The League of Aroden Discord Server Link

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