Bring A Friend to the Absalom Lodge Conclave February 26

Greetings Pathfinders! We are beginning a three month cycle of the New Player Experience at all of the League of Aroden lodges. There are various promotions going on which are tied to our Road to Quin Con 35 theme. They are Learn to Play Pathfinder, Bring A Friend, and the New Player Experience. All of these programs are designed to introduce our Organized Play games to new players. We are participating in a special Regional Support Program this quarter where players and GMs at all tables that are created for new players receive bonus Achievement Points. Most tables will be showcasing either level of the Beginner Box, 1-4 Tier repeatables or the latest Introductory scenarios. The Beginner Box tables are also double-bonus tables which means players will be earning 10 AcP per table while GMs earn 20 AcP.

As you can see, these programs are going to run from February through April. The main program for our current players is the Bring A Friend program. Please invite your friends to our events during this quarter. There will be awards for members who recruit a new player who returns the following month.

The February Absalom Lodge Conclave is on February 26th at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, Illinois. We already have the tables planned and the Warhorn page is ready for players to sign up! I do want to point out that our main focus is on New Players this month, so the tables are all set up with new players in mind. We highly encourage members who Bring-A-Friend to play alongside their friend or friends at the tables. All of the tables are repeatable though and we want everyone whether new or old to enjoy the games and earn bonus AcP. Remember that the AcP are awarded to the player, not the character. Remember that the Beginner Box tables are already set for play with pregenerated characters only which makes them great for introducing your friends to Pathfinder with.

Speaking of AcP, remember that these points are what you use to purchase access to restricted items, spells, ancestries, and heritages for Society play. These programs increase the amount players and GMs get which can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to accumulate enough. Some of our players and GMs have picked up quite a few points since we restarted live play last year and are now playing characters with ancestries they were able to purchase.

As I said earlier, we are now on the Road to Quin Con 35! After a two year absence due to the pandemic, Quin Con is returning to the Heartland with live play at the Quincy Senior Center on July 15 through the 17th. The League of Aroden will be there with both Pathfinder Second Edition and Starfinder games. Now is the time to build up your characters to play in the scenarios you want to experience at Quin Con. On the Pathfinder side of things, we will be featuring the Season 3 metaplot which has been one of the best in Pathfinder history. This year’s metaplot has 14 scenarios of all level ranges with six separate story arcs built into it. We will have multiple scenarios from these story arcs for you to enjoy at Quin Con 35!

I do not have all of the information regarding Starfinder’s plans yet. Unlike Pathfinder, Starfinder kicks off its season at PaizoCon in May. We may use Quin Con to help fire up the Starfinder part of the lodge again with the Season 5 scenarios. I will check with people who know more about Starfinder and let you know what our plans are down the Road.

The supply chain problems our FLGS’s have been experiencing regarding Pathfinder books seem to be easing. Eddie and Chris at Tri-States and Game Arena respectively have been getting them onto the shelves after a few months of their suppliers being out of stock. We have begun a weekly informal Paint Nite on Wednesdays where we hang out in Discord chat and just have fun painting and chatting up all things Pathfinder and gaming related. I’ve already earmarked some tax return cash for paint supplies. Join us if you want to via our League of Aroden Discord Server.

For now though, let’s get things started by getting our friends into the game and onto the Road to Quin Con 35! The best way to do that is to invite them to our Conclave on February 26th! Oh yeah, one last thing. Paizo announced they will have live gaming at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 4-7, 2022. There will be a reduced crowd, plus vaccinations and masks are currently required by Gen Con. That may or may not change depending on how things go. Personally, I am pretty sure the vaccination requirement will not change, and they may require one booster. The mask requirement may change, but we will not know about that for a while. The good news is Paizo will be at Gen Con which means I’m going to volunteer to GM. I will pass that infomation on as soon as I get it. However…they have always wanted at least 1-Star GMs for Pathfinder 1e, which means 1-Glyph for 2e, and 1-Nova for Starfinder. Now is the time to get to that first glyph or nova if you have not already gotten yours.

See you and them on the 26th!

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