New Player Experience Continues in Columbia for March 12th

Learn to Play Pathfinder 2e

We continue our campaign to recruit new players at the Pathfinder Lodge of Missouri, which was the very first Pathfinder lodge in the state clear back in 2009. This month we are once again featuring the Beginner Box for new players and some of the introductions to Pathfinder Society. This is also something we are doing with our Bring A Friend program. This is a great time to learn how to play Pathfinder Second Edition. The Beginner Box is an excellent tool that quickly teaches new players the basics of the game, so that by the end of the first session they have been acquainted with the core mechanics. By the end of the second session they have begun to delve into character leveling which connects them to character building. That’s when they’re ready to move right on into Society play.

Monsters have Friends!

Our Bring A Friend program encourages players to bring their family and friends to play the game as well. After all, isn’t that how most of us got started playing? We saw players inviting their friends to the table last month and hope to see more this month. Players whose friends come back to play again earn bonus AcP for having recruited a new player to the Society. I’ve invited students at MACC to come play on March 12th and to invite their friends. Please let your friends know they don’t have to bring anything to play that day. We’ve got it all in the box!

Great series!

I have the Warhorn set up for everyone to sign up for games. If you have never used Warhorn before, you need to create an account for it and set it to the Central time zone. Its default is Pacific and that has caused problems in the past for players who don’t realize that. Warhorn has a free subscription which is all you need. It also has a paid sub, but that is not needed for our purposes at PFS Smackdown.

Just in case you did not read the advertisements, March’s PFS Smackdown is March 12th at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia. I hope to see you there. As I’ve said to many of you, we have a convention coming up in Quincy in July on the 15th through the 17th. We are going to promote scenarios for Season 3 of Society at all of the League of Aroden events up to the convention. I am also hoping to use the convention to kick off bringing Starfinder Society to our lodges as well.

See you at the tables on the 12th in Columbia!

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