New Player Experience at Gryffyn Flight in Hannibal on March 10th

Gryffyn Flight in Hannibal continues to grow each month as we near the first anniversary of the lodge’s weekly gaming at Game Arena in Hannibal, Missouri. Last week we held our first NPE night and had a great turnout of players. This week we hope to build upon that and continue growing the lodge as we look forward to the Road to Quin Con 32. Gryffyn Flight is a weekly gaming lodge which has a social hour from 5 to 6 PM with tables firing up at 6 PM. Normally we use a Warhorn sign up which I will post for you here at this link.

This week at Gryffyn Flight we will run a few tables geared towards our new players. We will run the second half of the Beginner Box for them and 1-22 Doom of Cassomir (L1-4) for the regular players. This will help our new players master the rules of Pathfinder Second Edition, help everyone earn AcP, and get us all some more experience for our lower level characters. The following week we will begin to play some of the early Season 3 scenarios and resume our trek through the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path.

As a reminder, the New Player Experience is geared to recruit new players. It is combined with our Bring-A-Friend program which can earn players bonus AcP by bringing friends who come back to play again. We are in the process of starting a RPG Club at the MACC-Hannibal campus as well and hope to bring students to our weekly Gryffyn Flight games soon.

One last thing before I go! We are hosting a weekly Paint Nite on Wednesday evenings via the League of Aroden Discord. We are keeping it very informal. Anyone can kick it off at any time although 6 PM is the listed time for it. It runs as long as someone is in the channel. Todd and I have been painting minis at Paint Nite for a few weeks now. I actually finished my Winter Wolf and started my Drider. Todd finished up a Medusa and I can’t remember which other mini, but he’s been painting away steadily and sharing those wonderful tips on painting which are priceless! If you want to paint or just talk Pathfinder, that’s the night to do it. You don’t have to paint to participate!

See you on Thursday!

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