The Road to Quin Con Begins April 9th at PFS Smackdown!

After two long years, the Great Rivers Gaming Guild is hosting Quin Con again! This convention is in Quincy, Illinois on July 15-17. This is where magic happens. It was at Quin Con where the Absalom Lodge Conclave was conceived and the League of Aroden established. This year, I am expecting the con to be very well attended and am preparing for a really large turnout for our games in particular.

With that in mind, we are on the Road to Quin Con 35. Now is the time to get your characters built and set for the level you want them at so you can play them in scenarios at Quin Con. As you can see by the image, we are going to focus very heavily on the Season 3 PFS2 scenarios because 14 of them are part of the metaplot for the year. All of these scenarios form parts of a 2-scenario arc that fit into the larger metaplot for the season. One of the arcs is a 4-scenario arc that culminates in a level 7-10 adventure which comes out after Quin Con, so we will build up to it and offer it once players have characters ready for it. We begin the Road to Quin Con at PFS Smackdown in Columbia on April 9th.

We started some players off on Season 3 last month and are going to continue that this month with 3-02 The East Hill Haunting (1-4). There are also some players who will be finishing up the adventure Under Otari in the Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box as well. You can sign up for this adventure as well as any others at our PFS Smackdown Warhorn page.

We don’t want to offer all of the new scenarios before Quin Con, so we are going to put in some of the Season 1 and 2 scenarios over the next three months. This month we are offering the very first scenario made for the level 3-6 tier of Pathfinder Second Edition which we have not ran yet in the League of Aroden lodges. We will run the sequel to this next month (3-23 which is a 3-6 level tier and repeatable).

Depending on turnout, we will offer an additional scenario or bounties/quests. We will see how the signups go and add extra tables as needed.

Once the Guild informs of us of costs, vaccine policy, and a few other details, we will connect you to the links for con registration and advertise for GMs. That will allow us to show you the schedule as it builds up. We will be restarting Starfinder Society with the con too!

Other things we have going on this month are our weekly Gryffyn Flight games at Game Arena in Hannibal, Missouri every Thursday at 6 PM. That is growing and will be where we play more short arc modules, although those could be run at other lodges on a weekly basis if a GM and some players wanted to set something up. On April 23rd, the Absalom Lodge is hosting its monthly Conclave at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, Illinois. We will be going on the Road to Quin Con there as well.

We have some local cons coming up on the schedule before long. Herocon is in Decatur, Illinois the first weekend in May, the 6-8th. Several GMs and players from the League will be attending it. You can learn more about it here at their website.

June 3-5 is the weekend for DieCon 2022 in Collinsville, Illinois which is just across the river from St. Louis. Their pre-registration is now open. You can visit their website here.

That’s all I have for this post! There are some new products coming out in April for Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder, so I’ll will get a preview post out sometime this month. I hope to see you at Valhalla’s Gate on April 9th!

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