What are Achievement Points?

Yes, they actually do!

Väl mött, äventyrare! I said yesterday that I would try to get a post up about Achievement Points since they go hand in hand with the Access requirements of Pathfinder Society for 2e, so here we are. Some of you may be wondering what these allegedly mythical things are and rightfully so, since they seem to be something we talk about a lot, but don’t see in action that often. The PFS2 Guide says they are an online currency used to purchase character boons. Yes, that is true. Now let’s take that a bit further and explain those boons which you can find on the Paizo.com site in the My Organized Play tab. These boons are “things” you can purchase with the Achievement Points for any of your characters.

For many players, the “things” they are buying with the Achievement Points are Ancestries for their characters. This is how players are able to play a Kitsune, or a Hobgoblin, or maybe a Catfolk. Remember yesterday’s blog when I talked about Standard, Limited, and Restricted Access? Achievement Points are what you can use to get Access to the stuff in the Limited category. In going through these boons, one sees Ancestries, Heritages, Esoteric Spellcaster, Avid Collector (there are multiple versions of this applying to different content books), Specialized Training, Fumbus’ Discoveries, Frequent Shopper (several of these so you can buy at the Grand Bazaar – Don’t forget to haggle!), and then several more, many of which deal with Wayfinders. Yes, there are a lot of different Wayfinders out there. As a quick side note, if you are curious as to what is covered by many of these boons like the Esoteric Spellcaster, Avid Collector, and Frequent Shopper boons, just go to the Official Pathfinder Society FAQ which I have conveniently provided you a link to. You might want to bookmark that one too!

How do we earn Achievement Points, you say? Easy! Just play or GM Pathfinder 2e Society tables or Starfinder Society tables. Each of the two game systems have their own Achievement Point systems, so those streams don’t cross. However, when you do earn points from a game system, you earn them for your account as a whole, not for individual characters. This allows you to use a game system’s Achievement Points to buy stuff for any character that is part of that system’s Society.

You can read more about Achievement Points in the PFS2 and SFS Guides which are available at the conveniently linked location I just provided you. Again, I really suggest bookmarking that link. Just click Players, and then Player Rewards. Here is the chart on earning these points.

Currently, there are three levels of AcP events.The number of points earned depends on time involved, the event level, and the type of involvement as in the chart below. Event classifications are:

  • Standard events: games played in stores, homes, or other  locations .
  • Premier events: games played at conventions and local events designated part of the Regional Support Program. 
  • Premier Plus events: Paizo-sponsored conventions and conventions running more than 75 blocks of organized play.

Table: Typical AcP rewards.

Adventure XPPlayer / GMStandard EventPremier EventPremier+ Event
1 XP (Quests, Bounties, etc)Player111.5
4 XP (Scenarios)Player456
12 XP (Some Adventures, Adventure Path books*)Player121518

*Not all Adventures and Adventure Path books award 12 XP. See the individual sanctioning documents for details.

A list of  Achievement Points rewards available for purchase lives on the Boon tab of your My Organized Play page. To purchase a boon, select a character from the dropdown list, then click the purchase button of the desired boon. A list of purchased boons appears at the bottom of the page. Each purchased boon generates a downloadable printable boon. AcP boons should be stored with Chronicles, either digitally or alongside physical sheets. 

Just so you know, our tables are usually Standard Events. Sometimes we will have a short period where events are Premier Events. Our local convention, QuinCon 35, which is July 15-17 will be a Premier Event. That will be a great opportunity to earn Achievement Points! In fact, you will find a link to a Google form both here and in the e-mail I am sending out tonight for interested GMs about QuinCon 35.

If you want to see how many you have, go to that Boons tab. There’s a little trick to this though. You need to have registered your characters that you’ve played on Paizo. All you need to do is scroll down once you sign into My Organized Play and click one of the Register tabs for the game system. Just put in a name and hit save, but make sure you do it in order of your characters and their character number. That way they match up with your -2001, -2002, -2003, etc. numbers. Do not delete these under any circumstances because once you do that, that character number is going forever. Some players didn’t know about this and after Saturday night’s game, I told them how to do this. Suddenly, they had a lot of Achievement Points showing up in their account!

Okay, that’s all I have on Achievement Points. You’ve been earning them ever since you started playing PFS2. Use them as you need to, save them for things you want to use them for, and enjoy what you buy with them! I will see you and your purchases at the table soon enough!

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