Moving Conclave for Memorial Day Weekend

Move Faster!

Greetings Adventurers! Summer has finally arrived along with an explosion of green which means allergy season is fully underway. I hope everyone has their favorite allergy relief meds handy. As this is May, a quick look at the calendar shows me that the fourth Saturday of the month falls on Memorial Day Weekend. I am not even going to try to schedule Conclave that day because few will attend and I am also running a lot of tables for PaizoCon Online over the weekend. So, we are moving the Absalom Lodge Conclave to May 21st. The good news is we miss all of the graduations in Quincy! We will naturally be doing this at Tri-States Games & Hobbies. We’ll go back to our regular date for next month, which is June 25th.

With QuinCon 35 fast approaching, we are building you a great schedule of tables. I can tell you right now that Season 3 of PFS2 is well represented. That’s why we are going to run two tables of 2-17 Lost Maid of Anactoria (1-4) next Saturday in the first slot (noon). When the grim “local celebrity” of the small village of Anactoria goes missing, its townsfolk reach out to the Pathfinder Society for assistance. A group of heroes arrive just as a band from the rival Aspis Consortium have headed out into the nearby swamps. Is this a coincidence, or is there more going on in Anactoria than meets the eye? Of course, everything is subjective when you visit a town where its celebrity is a mummified bog corpse!

In the second slot at 5 PM, we will run the sequel to last month’s 3-6 table, 1-17 The Perennial Crown Part 2: The Thorned Monarch. In part 2 of The Perennial Crown, the PCs must evade the fearsome fey known as the Thorned Monarch. This unrelenting tyrant will stop at nothing to hunt down the PCs and claim their discoveries for themself, bringing to bear not only their awesome physical and magical power, but also manipulating the innocent Bhopanese citizens in their desperate attempts to stop the PCs from fleeing Bhopan with the one item that could put an end to the evil fey’s ambitions. We are going to pick up right where we left off, in the treasure vault of the king! The seats for this table are reserved for those who played last month. We will only open seats if one is left empty.

Don’t fear! We have another GM running an as of yet undetermined table in that slot, so we will have gaming available. It all depends on how many players show up. Here is the Warhorn link for this month’s Conclave. Please sign up to reserve your seat!

I also want to tell you about PaizoCon Online which will be May 27-30. This event is completely online. This will be the third year it has been ran. I can tell you from firsthand experience that this is the best online convention of the year. You can check it out on Warhorn right now. There is a $25 fee for this convention, but that covers the whole con. They do a lot of giveaways at it and players earn 6 AcP per scenario they play at it since it is a Premier Convention. There will be a Starfinder Society Multi-table Special (MTS) at this con.

Finally, QuinCon 35 is here in Quincy July 15-17. As I said, I’m putting together the schedules now. We will have practically all of the Season 3 PFS2 scenarios running along with the March of the Dead which is a special 2-slot scenario. That one requires L3 Pregens in Campaign mode. It will be ran on Saturday in the afternoon and evening slots. There will also be Starfinder Society there. Expect a lot of Season 4 and the first few scenarios from Season 5. Here is the Warhorn link for QuinCon 35. We will not be offering a MTS at this convention as the new ones are all under embargo until after Gen Con in August. That’s okay, we have plans for the PFS2 special to be run in December with the Toys for Tots campaign!

There are two products coming out for Pathfinder and Starfinder this month which should have some great content for players. They are the Lost Omens: Knights of Lastwall and Starfinder: Drift Crisis. Both books are on my purchase list! They come out on May 25th and are in the warehouse! Subscribers have already been alerted that they are receiving the books and shipping will begin early next week. I will get a post up on these and other Paizo products coming out at the end of the month.

See you at Tri-States on the 21st!

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