QuinCon 35 This Summer!

Finally! After a long pandemic induced hiatus, QuinCon is returning to the Quincy Senior Center in Quincy, Illinois. This July 15-17, you can attend the MidWest tradition once again. We have been looking forward to this convention all year long. Now, we are ready to announce the PFS2 and SFS schedules for the convention and let you sign up to run and play the games. Just run over to the QuinCon 35 Warhorn page and check it out! While you are at it, go ahead and register on that Warhorn page as well. It’s only $15.

Are you ready to play some games?

We are planning for a very ambitious schedule this year, but we expect a larger crowd for this year’s QuinCon 35. As a result, we have loaded quite a few PFS2 and SFS scenarios into the schedule. But we are not done yet! We are going to insert some shorter adventures into the schedule on Saturday, July 16th. These will be the bounties and quests which are usually 1 to 2 hours long. This is a supported Organized Play event as well, so there will be prizes raffled off as well as everyone receiving bonus Achievement Points for playing and running sessions.

What if you have never played Pathfinder or Starfinder before? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We are going to have the Beginner Boxes for both systems available on Saturday as well. Bring your friends and family and introduce them to our Organized Play games.

Our Special Event for PFS2

We will not have a multi-table special this year. Our position between major cons means the newest ones become available to us after QuinCon and the older ones have been played to death in the area by earlier cons. Therefore, we’re going to do something different! That’s right! We are going to do a two-part special Pathfinder 2nd Edition adventure which came out at the end of April in the new Book of the Dead rulebook. This was made for four third-level characters, but they can be Adventure Mode characters. Players can earn rewards for their Pathfinder Society characters as if they played two full PFS2 scenarios which this adventure basically is. We are offering this in Slots 5 and 6 on Saturday, July 17th. We will have some pregens available. I’ve set this up for three tables and if we have more sign-ups, I will seek out more GMs for it. It is not built like a Society scenario, so be prepared!

Hey! Wait! What if I want to GM some of these scenarios at QuinCon 35? That’s not a problem! Just register on the QuinCon 35 Warhorn page and fill out this handy dandy GM Volunteer form. You will receive $5 off your QuinCon 35 registration for every session you run a game in up to the $15 registration fee. Don’t worry! We’ll let you run more than 3 sessions if you want to!

There’s more to QuinCon than just our Pathfinder and Starfinder events too! There are plenty of vendors coming such as our own Tri-States Games & Hobbies where we play on the fourth Saturday of every month as well as alternating Monday evenings. Castle Perilous will be there as usual. I know art, jewelry, and other vendors will be there hawking their wares, hoping that you will haggle with them over prices.

There will also be Adventurer’s League sessions, Root, HeroQuest, Basic Roleplaying, Old School Essentials, Toon, Mark’s homemade miniatures game based on Bolt Action rules (highly recommended!), Savage Worlds (maybe some of that with the new Pathfinder adventure path?), almost certainly some Warhammer, and assorted board games will be played there as well. I have not heard about any demo games as of yet, but there are usually three or four of them running. I strongly suspect some Magic: The Gathering will be played along with some Yu-Gi-Oh. So, if you are looking to play some games, this is probably going to be a good place to do it.

If you have any questions about the Pathfinder and Starfinder side of things, contact me at leagueofaroden@gmail.com. I will answer your questions and deal with any problems you may have.

Well, that’s all I have. The only question I have for you is are you ready to play some games?

See you at QuinCon 35!

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