To the Moon in June!

To go where all kinds of people are already there!

The June PFS Smackdown at Valhalla’s Gate is coming up fast! We will be gathering in Columbia to play some Pathfinder Second Edition and rebooting Starfinder Society on Saturday, June 11th. The first tables will be firing at 11 AM and the second time slot fires up at 3 PM. You can sign up for any of the sessions on our Warhorn page.

The first table in the 11 AM slot is Pathfinder 2e Society 2-02 Mountain of Sea and Sky (3-6). In the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, a large group of Pathfinders stands ready to travel beyond a magical gateway whose mysteries stymied a group of the Pathfinder Society’s founders. What lies beyond the doorway is also the crux of the plot of an ancient evil fey, the Thorned Monarch. Will the Pathfinders unlock lost fey magic, restore buried secrets from the Society’s history, and purge the world of the Monarch’s evil, or will they fall before the fey’s minions and tricks?

The second table running in the 11 AM slot is Starfinder Society 3-01. While undertaking a routine surveillance mission to an uncharted world in the Vast, a freak accident occurs that causes the PCs’ starship to crash on a nearby planetoid. Caught without another ship for assistance, it’s up to the heroes to survive for several weeks as another Starfinder starship can be dispatched to rescue them. Can the PCs survive before succumbing to the dangers of an unexplored alien planet?


This is the beginning of our reboot of Starfinder Society in the League of Aroden area. I am not sure where SFS left off in Columbia, but we want to make it available to anyone who wants to play it. There were several players at one time who expressed an interest in playing SFS, but then the pandemic hit and wrecked that idea. I will have pregenerated characters available for use. Don’t worry if you don’t know the rules that well. This is a get acquainted game.

In the 3 PM slot, we are featuring a PFS2 table, 3-13 The Gilded Test (1-4). Called to the city of Oppara, a group of Pathfinders quickly find themselves assigned to investigate a clandestine fighting tournament taking place in the city streets. However, there’s more to this tournament than meets the eye, and the PCs must quickly uncover the true motives behind those holding for these brutal bouts. Can the PCs learn the truth before they find themselves too caught-up in the event to escape?

Depending on how many players we have in that slot, we will have another table available if needed. Turnout has been very good the last few months, so we will have a second table prepared. It may be a repeatable scenario which would work for any player. As always we will have plenty of pregens available. Who knows? We could even run a Beginner Box session if there’s a table of all new players.

I also want to remind everyone about the upcoming QuinCon 35 which will be in Quincy, Illinois on July 15-17. This is our premier convention in the area. All of the Paizo Organized Play tables are set up by those of us in the League of Aroden. We have had some really good turnouts and hope to pick right back up where we left off. We will have GMs from all over Missouri and Illinois at the convention, many of them have 3 to 5 Novas, Glyphs, and or Stars which indicates their level of experience running the tables.

But, what we really need the most are players at the tables. Yes, we can always use some more GMs, but if we don’t have the players, we won’t need the GMs. That means we need YOU! QuinCon 35 is a nice convention which a really nice crowd of people. Unlike the big cons, it is not wall to wall people with the noise level so high you can’t hear a thing. It is a nice and just right sized convention where everyone can meet great people from the Heartland who enjoy playing games. Also, there are plenty of other activities at the con. I know that D&D 5e will be there along with Savage Worlds, Basic Roleplaying (ran by its creator), some Bolt Action customized tables which are outstanding and a long running QuinCon tradition, and other games.

The best thing to do is just check out the schedule they have up on Warhorn. You can also register there to attend and pay through PayPal. The cost is only $15 which is dirt cheap for cons these days. There are plenty of restaurants in Quincy and they do have delivery service. Not only that, but there are going to be several vendors there. I know Castle Perilous will be there along with Tri-States Games & Hobbies. My wife will be there with her jewelry and diamond art displays. We’ve had miniature painters, board game vendors, costume designers, jewelry makers, etc. at QuinCon before and most of those vendors came every year. Hotel space is available around the city and not an arm and a leg like it is in the larger cities.

So, if you want to come to a con, but don’t want the hustle and high prices of the big crowds of Gen Con, this is the place to be!

First things first though! See you on Saturday in Columbia for PFS Smackdown!

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