Chilling Out at the June Conclave

Don’t look at the June forecast, trust me!

Okay, I looked at the June forecast. The lowest daytime temperature for the rest of June is expected to be 91. Some days will hit over 100. I am so glad I am not at a Scout camp right now with no AC. With this kind of forecast, I am looking forward to chilling out at the June Absalom Conclave at Tri-States Games & Hobbies this upcoming June 25th in the blessed coolness of air conditioning. Yes, that’s right! We have one more Conclave before QuinCon 35 and it is June 25th!

We are a little short on GMs right now since three of them are at Scout camp sweating their way through the summer. Therefore I have only been able to list two tables for this month’s Conclave so far. If we get more tables, I will post them in the Warhorn and put a note in the Discord server and the Facebook page. This is the last Conclave before QuinCon 35 for those of you who are wanting to level up a character or get one started.

Our first adventure begins at noon and takes us to Cassomir in 1-22 Doom of Cassomir which takes place in Taldor. This scenario is for levels 1-4. Doom stalks the streets of Cassomir! The people of Admiral’s Fen have long been doughty pioneers and sailors, but time and tribulations both natural and economic have worn down their spirits. Amid this widespread gloom and general depression, dark forces have begun pulling strings to begin a societal collapse that could take the entire city under. Venture-Captain Hestia Themis calls on her allies in the Pathfinder Society to try and help her unravel the twisting skeins of manipulation and deceit before Cassomir’s final doom is assured.

Our second table of the day will kick off at 5 PM and features 1-19 Iolite Squad Alpha. This adventure is a 3-6 tier scenario. The newly formed hobgoblin nation of Oprak has reached out to the Pathfinder Society in the name of diplomacy. Mindful of the aid Oprak could provide against the threat of the Whispering Tyrant, the Society has dispatched the PCs to escort a trial squad of hobgoblin recruits and run them through some in-the-field Pathfinder training. Will the Iolite Squad be the first in a new wave of Pathfinders, or are Oprak’s attempts at diplomacy doomed to go up in smoke? I really enjoy running this scenario! It’s got hobgoblins, so it’s awesome right there!

The New Player Grant is Live!

I do have some big news on the Paizo side of things. The new player Achievement Point grant for Pathfinder Society Second Edition and Starfinder Society has finally gone live. Every player got 80 AcP for each game system. That is enough AcP for a brand new player to begin play with one of the Uncommon ancestries or heritages. They will still need to earn more to be able to play a Rare ancestry or heritage. The AcP can be spent on anything the player can afford, so they do not have to buy an ancestry or heritage. There are all kinds of things to spend the AcP on and you can check out these wonderful and cool things by going to, hovering that mouse over Organized Play on the toolbar, and clicking on My Organized Play which comes up in the dropdown menu. You will have to sign in before you reach the page. Once there, just click Boons and voila! You are there!

Now for the bad news. Remember, the Paizo site is an evolving work in progress and is constantly being upgraded to modern Internet technology. Basically, they put in the grant and promptly broke the AcP counter. They are working on it and hopefully will have it up and running this week correctly. Don’t worry though! We are allowing you to play those Uncommon ancestries and heritages that you want to purchase despite the messed up AcP counter. Just so you know what is what, here is the updated table for them below.

Getting Closer!

Okay, that’s all I have this month for you. QuinCon 35 is coming for July 15-17 and we have a really big schedule planned for you. I still need GMs for both systems, but I need players too. I will have a special post for QuinCon 35 over the weekend and we will expand our communications for it as well. It is literally a Season 3 PFS2 blowout along with a lot of the Starfinder Society. Check out the schedule at Warhorn where you can also register for the Con.

I hope to see you on Saturday, June 25th! Be sure to sign up on our Absalom Lodge Conclave page on Warhorn to reserve your seat at the tables.

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