Summer Nights – The Pathfinder Society Way

Väl mött, äventyrare! The hot summer days and nights are upon us! Feel free to break into song when you need to while rolling the d20. We are coming up on another Valhalla’s Gate PFS Smackdown which will be in Columbia on July 9th. This is absolutely our last monthly event before QuinCon 35 which is in Quincy, Illinois on July 15-17. That means it is your last opportunity to level up a character or get some more gold to buy an item (or three). Even better, it’s a chance to pick up a few more AcP if you want to play that special ancestry or heritage (or both)!

Speaking of AcP, remember that everyone has been granted 80 AcP lately for both PFS2 and SFS. There is a technical problem with the site and it may not show you the correct point totals. We are still honoring purchases at our League of Aroden events, so don’t worry about it. In fact, with this new grant, all first time players get it even if they haven’t played a single session of PFS2. All they have to do is register a character on for PFS2 and they get the points! That’s right! A new player can play a gnoll in their first ever PFS2 session! Boons are here at this page. Be aware that Catfolk and Hobgoblin prices are dropping to 80 AcP August 1st.

Back to Smackdown! There are two tables available on the 9th for your dice-rolling pleasure. The first table fires up at 11:00 AM and consists of PFS2 2-05 Balancing the Scales (1-4). The second table will fire up at 3:00 PM and features PFS2 2-04 Path of Kings (3-6). Both are extremely good scenarios. Pregens will be available if you need one. If we need a second table, it is pretty likely a second GM will be available. You can sign up now at our Warhorn page.

The month of July gets hotter again the following weekend as QuinCon 35 kicks off at 9:00 AM on July 15th. This three-day convention is a really good local con and one of the lowest cost cons you’ll find in the Midwest region. Low cost or not, we are putting on a big time production of Pathfinder and Starfinder Society scenarios for your entertainment. We are also featuring a special run of the new Book of the Dead scenario, March of the Dead on Saturday, July 16th in the afternoon and evening slots. Just to make it even better, we have sessions on Sunday, July 17th to top off your gaming awesomeness.

That’s 3 days with 8 time slots of roleplaying joy. This con will have Org Play support meaning we will have gift certificates to distribute at each session for the players and GM to win. Not only that, but we will also have the convention bonus AcP for every game you play or run. There will be other games there as well and vendors. I know one is planning to offer some d20 necklaces. Supposedly, if you put a d20 in one and save it until you really need a big roll, the d20 will make that roll for you. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m getting one with a special d20 in it just for that purpose for when I am GMing.

We hope to see you at the Gate on July 9th as well as in Quincy at QuinCon 35! Use our scan codes to access our discord, our Warhorn pages, and even to volunteer to GM at QuinCon 35. We need players and GMs to make it happen. So, please sign up so we can allocate our resources as you need them.

Scan away!

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