Greetings from Pallid Peak

A special journey begins!

Väl mött, äventyrare!

It was a wonderfully wild weekend for us at QuinCon 35. We had a very, very good turnout and want to thank everyone who came to play and to visit. Yes, several of our players could not attend due to work commitments, but they took the time to drop by and say hello. It was really good to see them and we are looking forward to having them at the gaming tables shortly. It was also good to meet so many new people and that’s what we want to follow up on this weekend with our regular Absalom Lodge Conclave.

So many people still do not know about our monthly Conclaves which are held every fourth Saturday at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, Illinois. Fortunately, we corrected that problem for them with our signage and presence at QuinCon. I passed out a lot of business cards and welcomed many players in the area who are already Society members, but who had not heard of our Conclaves. I told them we would be hosting our regular Conclave this Saturday, July 23rd, so it’s time to let everyone know about our scheduled events for it.

You may have noticed the opening image? That’s all about the new multi-table special (MTS) called Expedition into Pallid Peril which debuts at Gen Con in August. We are going to run that in December as a special national charity promotion in conjunction with Toys for Tots at participating lodges across the nation. Before we do that though, we are going to offer two PFS2 scenarios which connect to the overall story behind the Pallid Peak. We will offer them a few times so that everyone gets a chance to play them if they want to. It is not necessary to play them before you play in the MTS.

First up this weekend is 2-19 Enter the Pallid Peak (1-4). We will host this in the first slot at 12:00 noon. If there are enough players to run it a second time for a new group, we could offer it again in the 5:00 PM slot depending on if a GM will volunteer to run it. I will be running 2-11 The Pathfinder Trials (1R) at 5:00 PM. This one is for Level One characters only and is replayable. I currently do not have a second GM yet thanks to the QuinCon rush, but I’m sure we will find one and press them into duty with a scenario. We ran both of the Season 3 1-4 story arcs (4 scenarios in 2 story arcs) at QuinCon, but could offer them again. 3-05 Inheritor’s Rite is one that many players have not played, but they have played the first scenario in that story arc, 3-02 The East Hill Haunting. Both are 1-4s. So I will bring that one for a second GM.

I cannot offer any of the brand new Season 4 scenarios yet until September due to the Paizo embargo on running them. They drop to the public on August 31st. If they do become available before that date, I will offer 4-01 Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder (1-4R) on August 27th. If not, we have to wait for the September Conclave on September 24th. That’s okay, we have plenty of Season 3 scenarios to offer you plus brand new adventures from Dark Archive which releases at Gen Con in a couple of weeks. There are 8 fully sanctioned PF2 adventures in the book which run about 2 hours each. Those will be great to run in conjunction with our higher level scenarios which can run longer than four hours.

You can sign up for our games at our Warhorn page which I am linking right here. If you want to scan the code for it, here it is! I am also putting the code for our Discord server right beside it. Be sure to join both so you can reserve your seats at the table and communicate with us on Discord!

I’ve gotten more than enough sleep, so I am fired up for this Saturday’s Conclave. I hope to see you at it!

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