Kineticist Playtest Starts Today!

Yes, Pathfinders, it is once again time for a new playtest! Paizo’s designers announced a new rulebook slated for publication in 2023, Rage of Elements, which will contain a new 2e class, the Kineticist. As usual with 2e classes, there is a short playtest window which helps the designers and developers make some decisions on what is good and bad with the proposed class. The window for the Kineticist class playtest opens today and ends on September 5th. You can read more about this playtest at the Kineticist playtest page on

Players may make a Society legal character for the playtest at the Playtesting Rules section of the OPF PFS2 Guide. Be aware that the page is not fully updated to include this particular playtest yet. They are working on including it soon. Long story short though, you may build a L1, L3, or L5 Society legal character for play with these specific playtest rules. GMs do not have to allow the character in their sessions. So, be sure to check with the GM on this. Once the playtest is retired, the character is then retired IF you plan on using that character number for the kineticist class character when the class is released and sanctioned for regular play later next year. Otherwise, the character is considered to be used the same as a pre-gen with credit going to the character number selected for that game session.

I didn’t get a chance to see everything that was discussed at GenCon because of a medical emergency I had to deal with. However, the good folks at Know Direction have just posted that they will be featuring the kineticist playtest and everything announced at GenCon in tonight’s show which begins at 8 PM Central time. I have been a fan of Know Direction for several years now and watch their show regularly. I will be watching it tonight to catch up and see what I missed while I was dealing with the medical situation (she is going home today and continuing an antibiotic regimen for a few weeks, so good news there). Know Direction airs their show on Twitch, so if you want to watch it, get your free Twitch account set up ahead of time.

As for regular Pathfinder Society information, we are going to maintain our regular schedule for August and September, as well as into the future. We cannot run the newest scenarios (4-01, 4-02, and 4-03) until August 31st as they are not available for non-GenCon play until then. On the other hand, the July releases for Season 3 are available for play. One of those is the conclusion of Season 3’s metaplot and is a 7-10 tier scenario. We will probably consider running that one early next year once we get a good core of players through the 3-6 and 5-8 tier scenarios. The other July release was a 1-4 tier and can be ran by any GM right now.

Looking ahead, we have two big things on the schedule. The first is a recruitment drive which will take place at our lodges at some point in the September/October window. This will be a one-day event at each lodge. I just want to make sure we schedule it for when we can expect an optimum number of potential players to be able to attend it. The other big event is a national run of the 3-98 Enter the Pallid Peak multi-table special in December. This event is one we are spearheading along with Northern Virginia with the Toys for Tots campaign. More on these events as we iron out the details.

That’s all I have for now. Have a great time playing the kineticist over the next month. Be sure to fill out the survey and help make this class a worthy addition to the Second Edition of Pathfinder.

I will see you at the table some time soon to roll the d20s!

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