Saturday’s September Smackdown

The original PFS lodge in Missouri with the original PFS logo

It’s time once again for our monthly Valhalla’s Gate PFS Smackdown! This month, Smackdown will be on September 10th. We are altering the schedule a bit to adjust to the FLGS hours in order to deliver a more enjoyable and less rushed playing experience for everyone. For this month, we are going to feature one scenario and two bounties. Future Smackdowns may see different combinations in different time slots as we seek to find that sweet spot that works for the members of our lodge. As the scenario level tiers increase, that factor plus 5-6 players at a table combine to make the sessions longer than four hours. Not only that, but let’s face it, you all love to role play! That’s awesome and we do not want to discourage that in any way. We encourage role play every time.

For September, we are rolling out the Season Four Intro – Year of Boundless Wonder! This is a repeatable Level 1-4 scenario which we will feature in the 11:00 time slot. You can also sign up for it on our Warhorn page.

Wonder abounds! The Pathfinder Society’s vaults have suddenly received a huge treasure trove of precious items from around the world and beyond. Much remains mysterious about these objects, from their origins to the reason the trove’s original owner was so desperate to be rid of it. A group of novice agents has the opportunity to explore the troves’ wonders for themselves, but not all is as it seems. After being drawn into an otherworldly realm, they must use their wits and fight to escape with their lives!

Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder is the introduction to the plot of the Year of Boundless Wonder. This scenario presents treasures, characters, and themes that will feature in Year 4’s metaplot, and so it is is a natural starting point for players looking to jump into the action.

Following that scenario, we have scheduled two bounties for your roleplaying enjoyment. We have them slated for the 4:00 – 5:30 and 5:30 – 7:00 time slots. That gives us a bit of time for getting our first tables going and if they run long. Bounties are a recent addition to the Pathfinder system. They are designed to be short adventures running anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, including organizing time. They are very similar to Quests and for our purposes at Smackdown are ran the same. Unlike a regular scenario, Bounties and Quests are designed only for one level. They do give XP, GP, and faction as if they were one-quarter of a scenario. So, four of these combined would be the equivalent of a full scenario. Bounties, unlike Quests, are also always repeatable in that players may replay them multiple times with different characters each time.

The Bounties for September will be #18 – From Family Lost and #19 – Grim Tidings. Both of these are for Level 3 characters. We do have L3 pregenerated characters available for you to use if needed. Please keep in mind the rules for applying credit when playing Pregenerated Characters: Chronicles assigned to a brand new or 1st level characters can be applied immediately to the character at 1st level, or held until the level of the pregen. Chronicles assigned to characters of a level higher than 1st level, must be held to the level of the Pregen. See the PFS2 Guide for more of our PFS2 campaign rules.

#18 – From Family LostWhen the Fifth Mendevian Crusade ended, the hamlet of Bulviss was one of many casualties on the Mendevian side of the border. Overrun by demons and their allies, the hamlet hasn’t been touched since a band of crusaders cleared out the demonic influence that lingered. Now, contracted by an interested party, a group of adventurers must head into the ruins of Bulviss to find a missing deed and any other surviving treasures. Have the demons truly been removed, or are there other, darker secrets waiting in the ruins?

#19 – Grim TidingsThe heads of missing villagers from a small Irriseni village have started appearing on the edge of the Hoarwood Forest. Desperately needing to access the trees to survive Irrisen’s eternal winter, the people of the village seek adventurers to find the source of the murders and excise it from their land. Exactly who or what is responsible for the grim murders remains unknown, and it’s up to the PCs to track the murders back to their source and then venture into the Hoarwood to confront the threat.


I really want to stress the importance of signing up on our Warhorn page for all of our events, whether it is the Valhalla’s Gate Smackdown or any other League of Aroden event. Your venture-officers want to provide all of you with the best experience possible at our events. It is important for us to know how many people are coming, so that we can be sure to have enough GMs available. Not only that, but enough trained and prepared GMs available. We have created a training program for our GMs here in the League of Aroden called GM Academy for the purpose of recruiting and training people who want to GM for you. We did this because we take pride in our program, our players, and our GMs. A well-ran table is a very enjoyable and exhilarating experience for both the players and the GMs. In order to make that happen, we need quality GMs, but most of all, we need players. So, when you sign up on Warhorn for our events, you are taking the first step to creating the conditions for that wonderful experience at your table.

So, please, do your part to help us out. Sign up on Warhorn for the tables you want to play at. If you are not already registered on Warhorn, please take a minute to do that and then sign up to play. Remember, players who have signed up for a table on the Warhorn page have their seats reserved. We will not turn them away if we are short of GMs. If we have to turn players away, and you know I go to extreme lengths to avoid that, we will turn away those who did not sign up for that particular table.


With all of that said, I quickly want to point out that I am overhauling the website for League of Aroden. Everything is being updated to reflect changes in information and links to webpages. The goal is to have a website that either has the information for you on it or has the links to the major webpages with the information you need. I am hoping that you can go to the site, and find the information or location of the information so that it makes it much easier for all of us to be on the same page.

Finally, I added a new feature to the website, a Google Calendar! You can find it in two places on the site. Over on the right sidebar and at the bottom of the HOME page. Just look up there on the toolbar and click the far left tab that says HOME. We are going to do our best from now on to have two months of events set up in advance for all monthly events and three to four weeks of events for our bi-weekly and weekly events. At the very least, we want to have the next month’s or week’s event already listed before the current month’s event takes place. We feel it will help with planning for everyone. This way, you can come to Smackdown on the 10th and know what will be ran at the October 8th Smackdown.

Okay, enough said! I hope to see you all at the September 10th Smackdown!

Explore! Cooperate! Report!

– Xathos

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