Pathfinder 2e Ancestries & Heritages (Cost to purchase Boon)

This is the current list of playable Ancestries & Heritages for Pathfinder Society (2e) as of 9/18/22. The list will be added to as more ancestries and heritages are added to the game. We do know there are some new ancestries that will be published in Lost Omens: Impossible Lands which is slated for publication in November of 2022.

There are also heritages in Book of the Dead, but all are Restricted until further notice. Alex has stated that the Skeleton heritage will be allowed at some point during Season 4, and almost certainly will be a Rare access costing 160 AcP. I really do not expect any of the other undead heritages to ever become playable in Society play, although every GM has the option of deciding what they will permit when they run Adventures, Adventure Paths, and Bounties in Adventure mode. Regardless of the GM’s choice, the results are still applied to the character whose number is being used for the adventure. Dead is still dead at the end of the game…unless you just happen to have 40 AcP to purchase the Second Chance boon.

I did not list any of the purchasable Archetypes that are available with AcP. Those are listed in the Boons tab of the My Organized Play section of the website. If you have questions about access, go to the Resources and Options for Pathfinder Society Characters page and look up the specific source book to see if it is listed as Uncommon, Rare, or Restricted. That page is the official word on what is and what is not sanctioned for Society Play.

– -Xathos

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