Falling Into Season Four

As the weather shifts from Summer to Fall, we’ve been introducing our League of Aroden lodges to the newest season of Pathfinder Society play, The Year of Boundless Wonder. Every year at Gen Con, Paizo rolls out the first scenarios of the new Pathfinder Society season. This year, they rolled out three scenarios for the fourth season of Pathfinder Society (2e). There were 11 seasons of Pathfinder First Edition, and now we are into the fourth season of Pathfinder Second Edition. That’s 15 seasons of Pathfinder Society!

Over the last two seasons, the Society’s developers have really kicked things up a notch! Last season, they created one of the best metaplots ever which spanned an unrivaled 15 out of 19 scenarios across all levels of play as players explored the storyline. Season Four adds to that metaplot by exploring items that were in the huge treasure trove discovered in Season Three’s climatic ending. The first scenario in this new season introduces players to that story and some of the unique items in that trove. It also introduces them to the dangers associated with that treasure trove, and even more specifically, the perils and potential of some of those items.

This Sunday, October 9th will be the first “true” Pathfinder Society scenario we run for the Emerald Goblins Guild of Northeast Missouri. The last two months, we’ve been running players through the introductory scenarios in the Pathfinder Beginner Box, which are superb at teaching players the basics of Pathfinder Second Edition. This month, we will conduct a short character building session to help players with the finer details of constructing a Pathfinder Society character. There really is not much of a difference, but Society characters do get Pathfinder Society Lore as a bonus lore skill. There are also some regional starting point rules which are connected to available languages as well as Access for certain things during character creation and development (especially for Gunslingers).

After the character building session, we will play 4-01 Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder which was created for levels 1-4 characters. Wonder abounds! The Pathfinder Society’s vaults have suddenly recieved a huge treasure trove of precious items from around the world and beyond. Much remains mysterious about these objects, from their origins to the reason the trove’s original owner was so desperate to be rid of it. A group of novice agents has the opportunity to explore the troves’ wonders for themselves, but not all is as it seems. After being drawn into an otherworldly realm, they must use their wits and fight to escape with their lives!

Players can sign up to play this scenario and reserve their seats at the tables over on our Warhorn page. Please register on Warhorn and sign up to play this scenario if you are planning on coming to our monthly gathering on October 9th at 1 PM. That helps us with planning. Right now, we have two GMs committed to running with a third as the backup whom we hope will be helming a third table for you! Speaking of signing up, the NEMO Guild of Geekery (how can anyone not love that name?) has their Facebook page set up in case you did not know about it. Drop over there to let them know you are coming too!

If you have any questions about building characters, consult the Pathfinder Society (2e) Guide and read through the part about Character Creation which you can find in the Players tab. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you run into problems you can ask us about it at the character building session on the 9th.

Looking ahead to November and December, we’ve got a few things planned for you. We will continue to offer more scenarios in the 1-4 level ranges until we’ve got several players with a character in the 3-4 levels, at which point we’ll start to offer some 3-6 level scenarios. With that in mind, next month we will run 4-02 Return to the Grave, another one of the Season 4 scenarios. In December, we will be running a nationwide multi-table special (MTS) at several of the lodges on December 10th. Once we know more about a date for the NEMO Guild of Geekery for that month, we’ll announce what we will be doing that month in Kirksville specifically.

For now though, we hope to see you on Sunday, October 9th in Kirksville at Days Inn.

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