Play March of the Dead in Hannibal or Quincy this October

Happy Halloween

It’s October and time for the Halloween themed adventures. Over the last few years we’ve had some great horror scenarios to offer you in both Pathfinder Society editions. This year we’ve got a little extra special adventure to offer you. Back in April, Paizo published the Book of the Dead. In addition to the Skeleton ancestry, other undead heritages, plenty of undead monsters, a few archetypes, and a bunch of magical items usual in hunting the undead, there was also a “small” one-shot adventure contained in the tome – March of the Dead!

Will You Survive the March of the Dead?

We will be offering this adventure at two locations in the League of Aroden area this year. On October 20th and 27th, we will be playing it in two parts at Game Arena in beautiful downtown Hannibal. We will also be playing it in its entirety at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy on October 22nd. Players are welcome to play at either location to meet their schedule needs with no issues. We do ask that you sign up on Warhorn so we can be sure to have enough GMs at the tables. We can only plan for the players that sign up. This adventure takes a bit of preparation on the GM’s part, so if we don’t have enough GMs for the players who show up, the extra players will have to play a regular scenario with a volunteer GM. There are links to each location’s Warhorn sign-up page here for Game Arena-Part I, Game Arena-Part II, and Tri-States.

The town of Fiorna’s Faith

This 3rd-level adventure is longer than the typical scenario. Most GMs who have ran it reported it took a minimum of six hours to run. As a result the Society decided to make it the equivalent of two scenarios of play for XP, GP, and games played/GMed. Unlike your regular PFS2 scenario, this one is ran in Adventure Mode, which means the GMs or event planners can allow players to use custom built characters for the adventure which do not have to comply with Society rules, but rather special “house rules.” The credits the players and GMs earn for the adventure are applied to an equivalent level PFS2 character.

The house rules for both location are the same. Players may use a L3 pregenerated character as exists or they may create a L3 character that has Access to all Uncommon ancestries, heritages, and backgrounds. These one-shot characters (not the pregens) have 125 GP to purchase their equipment. The pregens have 15 GP as their characters have been built with the Wealth by Level concept regarding equipment. Level requirements for items does not change for this adventure.

We ran two tables of this adventure at QuinCon 35 this July. It was a lot of fun as both tables were full and no one had any idea of what to expect. Unlike your typical PFS2 session, this one ran through two time slots and players had to make some decisions on item and spell conservation that they normally do not have to make. It made for interesting results based on those decisions. Some of the battles were a bit dicey as healing spells were at a minimum. One hilarious action during the final battle took place which could have altered the course of the adventure’s outcome at one table. You’ll have to ask those players what it was AFTER you play March of the Dead yourself!

Again, I want to stress that everyone sign up on Warhorn. There are a limited number of GMs available to run the adventure at both locations. Players who do not sign up on Warhorn will have to play a regular repeatable PFS2 scenario with a volunteer GM if we exceed the table limits. Players who sign up on Warhorn have their seats guaranteed for the adventure. Again, players can play the individual parts at either location.

Here are those sign-up links again!

Game Arena-Part I on October 20th

Game Arena-Part II on October 27th

Tri-States Parts I & II on October 22nd

Hope to see you at either location for this exciting adventure! And have a Happy Halloween!


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