Toys of Boundless Wonder

Announcing the 2022 Toys for Tots

Pathfinder 2e Charity Event –

Toys of Boundless Wonder!

We are excited to announce our 2022 Toys for Tots event for the upcoming holiday season! For the last several years, Nicholas Ruchlewicz, current Venture-Captain for Northern Virginia (NoVa) has organized an annual charity event to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots Program. It grew every year in his local area, but the pandemic prompted Nicholas to shift the 2020 online. In 2020, the event remained within his local area, but in 2021 Nicholas recruited Venture-Captain Jimmy Dick in Northeast Missouri, and the event grew in scale with the addition of a live multi-table special (MTS) played in different Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS). Last year was successful enough that the duo decided to expand the 2022 event to include more locations who wanted to participate.

This year, they have developed an overall theme for the event, secured the support of Organized Play, and developed a plan for the inclusion of multiple lodges playing the MTS at the same time. With this in mind, this blog post has been created to pass the information to interested parties, be they Venture Officers, GMs, and players.

First of all, Toys of Boundless Wonder covers a period of time from 11/25/22 to 12/11/22. All sessions reported through the Paizo website for this event during that period will receive Premier Event Achievement Points for players and GMs. These sessions can be any sanctioned Pathfinder 1e, 2e, Starfinder, or PACS content. Nicholas and Jimmy are organizing a live multi-location MTS to be ran on Saturday, December 10th. This MTS will be 3-98 Expedition into Pallid Peak. It will begin at 2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, and 12:00 PM PST). A Twitch feed will be available for the running of this MTS using the content produced by OP for 3-98.

Purpose of the Event

The primary goal of this event is to raise participation in the Marine Toys for Tots Program. By playing Organized Play sanctioned content at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) during the open gaming period, we hope that the Marine Toys for Tots Program benefits while your FLGS does as well through the increased sales. In addition, this should help to benefit your local gaming community through Organized Play and contributing gaming materials to children so they can participate in our hobby as well. In addition, we see this event as a way to enable your players and GMs to earn credit for playing or running the 3-98 Expedition into Pallid Peak MTS when they are not able to go to a live convention or play online as well as an opportunity for them to earn bonus AcP at the convention level.

Event Charity Information

We would like your FLGS to be recognized as a Toys for Tots drop off location and have bins and signage in their locations. Please use these steps to register your FLGS with the Marine Toys for Tots Program.

Main Marine Toys for Tots Program Website – Marine Toys for Tots Program
Follow these steps –
– Top Bar -> Find Your Local Campaign
– Select Your State/County -> the webpage will direct you to the local TFT Campaign
– On the County TFT Webpage – Select -> Get Involved/Volunteer – >Become a Toy Drop Site.
o If you have any issues or questions, please contact

Event Organizers

Readiness Director – VC Nicholas Ruchlewicz

House GM/Tech – VC Jimmy Dick


Toys of Boundless Wonder Discord Server

This Discord server can be used by any participant for communications between staff and others. We primarily see it as a means of communications to iron out any problems during the event and for local Points of Contact/GMs to check in with the staff while preparing for and completing parts of 3-98 during its run December 10th. But if you wish to chat away in there, go right ahead!


Event Title & Number – Toys of Boundless Wonder – 2709768

We will be using RPG Chronicles for reporting information to Paizo. Each GM will need to distribute chronicle sheets for any session they run during the event period. This means they are the ones to collect the information needed for reporting. They will report through the system as needed. I am still setting this up with Roz at RPGC and will amend this section with the links needed for it when I have them.

The Readiness Director will need the following after the event:

– Number of attendees
– VO/GM who helped organize the event at the local level.
– Pictures of the toys for donation. Any other store staff or VO/GMs/Players are welcome to be part of the pictures!
– Store name and location information. Websites are also helpful.
– Estimated number of toys gathered. This can also be in the form of dollars spent purchasing the toys.
– Pictures of the toys for donation. Any other store staff or VO/GMs/Players are welcome to be part of the pictures! -More pictures are encouraged for use in our followup posts on store websites, Paizo’s site, this site, and any other media outlets.

This information will be compiled and given to the to help promote our event as an after-action report.

MTS 3-98 Expedition into Pallid Peak Details

This event will be similar to how a multi-table special (MTS) is ran online. Each location will designate a Point of Contact (POC). While we expect many locations to only have 1-2 tables, some may have more which is why we are asking for each location to have one POC. The event will be run through a Twitch Stream feed using the Paizo content generated for this MTS, so each location is highly encouraged to have some means of displaying that feed along with some audio output. A laptop could work easily for one table whereas a larger flat-screen monitor or TV connected to the Internet would be great for multiple tables. We will distribute the Twitch channel information closer to the event. Yes, we are going to do a test run of the system before the event.

How to Participate

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the live run of the 3-98 MTS, please use this Google Form to register for the event. We will use this information to contact GMs with more instructions and to coordinate GM drops of the MTS. If you would like to participate in the Marine Toys for Tots Program, but not the MTS, please do so! Just contact us and let us know what you are planning to do. Since this is all localized for your FLGS, you can select your dates and sanctioned content and report within our larger event.

Finally, we would like to say thank you for volunteering to be part of this year’s Toys of Boundless Wonder event as part of the Marine Toys for Tots Program. Together, we make a bigger difference in our world!

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