It’s time once again for Valhalla’s Gate PFS Smackdown! We host Smackdown every month on the second Saturday barring holidays or weather at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, Missouri. Our event features high quality roleplaying adventures written by a professional team of authors using the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game rules and built as part of an ongoing universal campaign. This campaign began in 2008 with D&D 3.5 rules, moved into Pathfinder RPG 1e rules, and evolved into the current Pathfinder RPG 2e rules in 2019. It even expanded during the pandemic as people stayed home and played via VTTs.

This month’s adventure has the Pathfinders seeking answers about an object that turned up in a treasure trove at the conclusion of last year’s main story plot. That treasure is sought by a night hag, but why?

A skull with glowing eyes was among the many objects which recently turned up in the Pathfinder Society’s vaults, and none of the other objects are quite so talkative as this one! In fact, the skull isn’t an object at all, but a person. The Society isn’t sure who, or what, they are, and the skull seems to have lost their memories. Nonetheless, the skulls requests—no, insists—that the Society return them to their former glory at once!

Grand Archivist Zarta Dralneen has determined that the skull is from Quantium, the magic-filled capital of Nex. She dispatches a group of Pathfinders to conduct a simple research mission and guide the skull around the city, hoping to jar the skull’s memories and learn the truth.

“See the world,” they said. “Simple research mission,” they said.

This adventure is the first part of the two-part Skull & Scroll metaplot arc in the Year of Boundless Wonder.

Come join us November 12th at Valhalla’s Gate as we begin to unravel the mystery surrounding just whose skull the Society has found. New players are always welcome at PFS Smackdown regardless of how much experience they have. That’s how I got started several years ago myself. I came to Columbia looking to find some people to roleplay with and met Pathfinders who were kind enough to invite me to join them. I had a great time and kept coming back to play some more. It’s been a wonderful journey through Golarion and I look forward to many more to come!

After our main adventure, we will offer two short adventures known as bounties. Bounties are usually 60 to 90 minutes long. Four bounties equal a full scenario’s worth of XP and treasure. This month we are offering Bounty #2 – Blood of the Beautiful, and Bounty #3 – Shadows and Scarecrows. Both are for level one characters.

Don’t worry, we have a full assortment of pregenerated characters for you to use if you do not have a character of your own. If you are interested in playing and want to learn more about Pathfinder Society, ask us at leagueofaroden@gmail.com. We love answering questions from interested players. If you want to look through some of the rules, go right ahead. They are at Archives of Nethys. You can also look at the toolbar up above and check out the Pathfinder Society (Second Edition) link in the Pathfinder Society section.

No matter what though, come on over to Valhalla’s Gate on November 12th and join us in the adventure. You can sign up for it at our Warhorn page, but we always take walk-ins!

See you on the 12th!

– Xathos

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