It’s a Smelly Sunday

We’ve got a Smelly Sunday coming up November 13th in Kirksville, Missouri. It’s our monthly Emerald Goblin’s Guild of Northeast Missouri meeting which is part of the larger NEMO Guild of Geekery meeting that day at 1:00 PM. This month we are going to do something a bit different. Instead of running the same scenario for two different tables, we’re going to run two different scenarios. This will be important later as more and more new players come play. We will need to offer some thing for them that others have already played. We’ve seen the need for this over time in our other lodges. Once again, we will be meeting at Days Inn just south of Kirksville. Don’t forget to sign up to reserve your seat at the table via our Warhorn page!

I said it’s a Smelly Sunday. What’s the deal with the smell, you ask? Well, it’s all about the location. I don’t want to give away too much, but both scenarios are going to involve going to a location that has, shall we say, a distinct aroma. Cordaro is going to run 1-07 Flooded King’s Court (1-4) which is one of Season One’s highest rated scenarios. This one has some great roleplay in it along with some really deadly encounters. Not only that, but your decisions will have an effect on the overall campaign at some point in the future.

The other table will get to journey to Cassomir in Taldor where the infamous Blackwood Swamp lies in PFS2 Intro 1: The Second Confirmation (1-2). This scenario was designed as a special introductory scenario to Pathfinder Society and features the players experiencing one of the most important rites of passage for the Pathfinder Society, but not in a way they expect. There’s always a twist for the Society. You would think the organization could plan better, wouldn’t you? But then, that’s the fun of being a Pathfinder Agent. Nothing is ever normal and life is never boring! This scenario is also a repeatable one meaning players can play it multiple times as long as they use a different character each time.

We’ve been having a lot of fun running tables for the players in Kirksville. The turnout has been outstanding. We are on the verge of needing to add a third table which would mean we need an additional GM or two. That’s the thing about building a dynamic gaming community. We always need GMs, but we don’t want to turn them into permanent GMs. Playing is fun too. A good balance of GMing and playing is highly desirable. GMs also get some extra benefits though. Whereas players earn 4 AcP for each scenario they play, GMs earn 8 AcP for each scenario they GM. Building up those AcP is why GMs get to build characters with rare ancestries compared to players who do not GM. Plus GMs can earn credit for their characters just as if they were playing.

I will be hosting another GM Academy during the holiday break where I go over GMing in some detail and offer tips and tricks for GMing dynamic tables. We had a good time last year and hopefully will have another good turnout at this years. More on this as we get closer to the holiday break.

For now though, let’s have some fun on the 13th with Smelly Sunday! We also need to be going through the potential mascots for the lodge. Which Emerald Goblin will you vote for? Who will represent our lodge? If you want to nominate a different goblin to be the mascot, feel free to do so. E-mail us at or bring an image to Smell Sunday on the 13th.

Hope to see you on the 13th!

– Xathos

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