February Pathfinder Society Events in the League of Aroden

As I prep up everything for this weekend’s Winter War, I have suddenly realized it is February and that means it is time to post the February adventures we are having in the League of Aroden! Also, Paizo has announced another wonderful Humble Bundle for everyone to get them started while they wait for more CRBs to arrive in April. Let’s see what we have to offer this month for intrepid players!

First up on every Thursday evening, the Gryffyn Flight folks in Hannibal MO have their weekly game night at Game Arena. Tonight and February 16th are regular Society play nights with Crown of the Kobold King taking place Feb. 9th and 23rd. Those games are at 6 PM.

Our first Saturday event is Feb. 11th at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, MO. We have 4-08 Battle for Star’s Fate (3-6), and both levels of the Beginner Box kicking off at 11 AM. Afterwards, we will run Bounty #13 The Blackwood Abundance and maybe Bounty #14 The Blackwood Truce (if time allows). Both are for L1 characters.

Yes, the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl, but the NEMO Guild of Geekery is planning to host a game session at the Adair County Annex Building in Kirksville, MO at 1 PM. The plan is to offer 1-10 Tarnbreaker’s Trail (1-4R) which is a repeatable scenario. This one is a fun race where the Pathfinders are the underdogs.

The Emerald Gamers Guild in Kirksville will be meeting on Feb. 18th at the First Presbyterian Church in Kirksville, MO from 3 PM to 8 PM. We will announce the scenario shortly. We will be offering the Lower Level of the Beginner Box as we had several players who played the Upper Level last month.

Finally, we close out the month with a New Player Game Day in Quincy, Illinois at Tri-States Games & Hobbies. We are going to have a taco bar for everyone who plays in our various sessions that day from around 3:30 to 7 PM. Our plan is to kick off the day with a Pathfinder Bounty Extravaganza where we offer up several bounties in two different blocks. These are all Level One, so everyone will have a chance to play two of them. Then, we are going to present a special One-Shot adventure which has not been ran before in the area. It is Head-Shot the Rot, a special L3 scenario featuring custom pregenerated gunslinger characters. This runs about three hours. Afterwards, we will host 3-16 Escape from Oppara (3-6) which picks up where we ended last month’s adventure.

You may have noticed all the links for the various adventures. Those will take you to the correct Warhorn page for that particular adventure. As of February 1st, we are only going to use one Warhorn for all of our League of Aroden lodges. While this does mean you need to register for this particular Warhorn, it will be the only Warhorn page you have to register for from now on except for the annual Quin Con sign-ups. People didn’t want to register for half a dozen lodges and I don’t blame them. This will also make it a lot more convenient for GMs when they go to report your adventures so everyone gets credit for them.

There are other Pathfinder games being played in our area and that’s a good thing. Some are special invites while others are more open. See your local Venture-Officers or game stores for when those games are being held. Most of these are Adventure Paths or special Adventures. We are constantly working to add more venues and game nights to the calendar. If you would like to run a game night at a store, talk to the store and then contact me at leagueofaroden@gmail.com and I will help get you started.


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