Time for Tacos at Tri-States!

We’ve done some crazy things at the monthly Absalom Lodge Conclaves, so having a Taco Bar will fit right in. You can never go wrong with tacos is a favorite saying of mine. We had a small contest to see what kind of food we would have for February’s Conclave and tacos won by 3 votes. Therefore, tomorrow, February 25th, we will be having a taco bar at Tri-States Games & Hobbies.

Of course, we will also be playing Pathfinder Society as well. We will kick things off with some Bounties which are repeatable short adventures. I’m bringing four L1 bounties with me and we will run two units of them depending on players and GMs. After that, we will run a One Shot adventure, Head-Shot the Rot. This is a special adventure where players run L3 gunslingers (provided from the adventure). It’s a bit shorter than a regular scenario, right around 2.5 hours or so. Players get 4 XP for this One Shot adventure which they can apply to any character in the L3 range.

We will be munching on tacos throughout the day. I’m bringing plenty of taco meat with me. Our plan is to spread out the cost by having players bring things we need for the taco bar. There is a sign-up sheet on Google Drive which you can easily access right here. Things we need still are hard shells, taco sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and if anyone wants burritos, they can bring some refried beans. Nacho lovers can chip in with some cheese dip and chips. Fortunately, we have a grocery store right across the street!

We will close out the night with a run of 3-16 Escape from Oppara (3-6) which is the second part of the story arc we began last month. You don’t have to play them in order, so don’t worry about that. We’ve got a pretty good line-up of food and games this month, so this is also a good time to get a friend involved in the game. It is also a good time to begin GMing. Bounties are easy to run and make for a good learning tool for new players and new GMs. We may need some GMs tomorrow depending on the turnout.

You can sign up on our new Warhorn page so I have a good idea of how many people are coming tomorrow as well. That is always helpful in planning events.

Finally, looking ahead at the calendar, I see July is just 5 months away. That means another Quin Con is on the horizon. Planning is already in progress. Let’s just say there will be at least one table of the highest level PFS2 scenario available ran at Quin Con. So, if you want a seat at that table, you need to be leveling up to Nine because that’s the minimum level for it. I’m planning to run a pair of 5-8s in March and April. They were big hits at last year’s PaizoCon!

See you tomorrow at noon at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, Illinois!


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