Springing into April

Väl mött, äventyrare! Spring is arriving (hopefully with no more surprises for us) and that means it is time to tell you about what the League of Aroden has scheduled to play in April.

Game Arena in Hannibal has its regular Thursday night gaming going on. We just finished the first half of the Crown of the Kobold King super adventure last week. Our gaming group has reached the point where we are needing to start running two tables to handle the players. Therefore, we are going to split the Crown players into two groups, Alpha and Beta, to finish the adventure. While one group is in the adventure, the other will be playing a PFS scenario. We will alternate groups doing this which should take us into the early summer. The first group to play the second half of Kobold King will get rolling on April 13th. We will have Society play on the 6th and every Thursday at the same time.

Meanwhile, at PFS Smackdown in Columbia, we are offering two scenarios on April 8th. We are going to offer the sequel to Intro #1 which is Intro #2 United in Purpose and 1-13 Devil at the Crossroads. Intro #2 is for characters who are levels 1-2 and Devil at the Crossroads is for character levels 3-6. Both are fun games to play for everyone’s enjoyment. Click on the links for the scenario and it will take you to the Warhorn page to sign up for that scenario. Remember, our PFS Smackdown in Columbia is always on the second Saturday of the month.

With Easter falling on the second Sunday this month, there will not be a NEMO Geekery Guild meeting this month. But, we will be still be meeting on April 15th for the RPG Day at 1 PM. RPG Day is made possible by the Adair County Public Library and is held each month on the third Saturday. This month, we are offering 1-02 The Mosquito Witch. This scenario is for character levels 1-4.

Finally, we will be having the Absalom Lodge Conclave on April 22nd at Tri-States Games & Hobbies. This month we are offering you 1-06 Lost on Spirit Road and 4-04 To Seek the Heart of Calamity. Spirit Road is a repeatable 1-4 and Heart is a 3-6 which continues the metaplot for Season 4. Repeatable scenarios mean you can play them again as long as you use a character which has not already done so. We are also going to have a little feed between games! We will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, so let’s hope for a nice clear day. We’ll have chips to go with it all, so if you want fries, bring yer own!

So, there you go! That’s the April schedule unless something changes. Please be sure to register on our updated Warhorn page and also sign up for any game session you are planning to attend. This helps us with our planning so we can be sure to have enough GMs for everyone to play. Remember, I put in links for each scenario so you can go straight to the Warhorn page and sign up to play!

One more note: We are working on the details for QuinCon 36 which will be July 14-16. I think I am only going to plan out a few of the offerings, then let GMs decide between them and any others they want to run. Right now, I am strongly looking at offering shorter adventures such as the upcoming 2-hour quests, adventures from the Kingmaker Companion Guide, and various bounties for many slots. We are going to offer 4-15 In Glorious Battle which is a 9-12 scenario in the Saturday nightcap. Hopefully, some GMs will want to run a few 7-10s as well to lead up to that. More on this as we move forward!

See you at a table in the League of Aroden in April!


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