Two Months to QuinCon 36

It is time once again for the annual convention hosted by the Great River Gaming Guild in Quincy, Illinois. This year’s event promises to be larger than last year’s and the League of Aroden will be at it just like we have been ever since we created the League in 2018. We have already started to schedule games and contact GMs. Today, I will share information for both players and GMs who want to participate in Organized Play as well as any other activities going on at QuinCon 36.

First of all, QuinCon 36 will be held over the July 14-16, 2023 weekend at the Quincy Senior Center in Quincy, Illinois. It has been held there at least since 2017 that I know of and probably longer. The Center fits our needs very conveniently as well as the entire convention’s needs. There is plenty of parking, large handicap accessible restrooms, and plenty of space for gaming. That eliminates our single biggest concerns quite handily. There has been Internet access at the Center the last two years and that is not expected to change. Finally, there are plenty of hotels in the Quincy area and a lot of fine dining establishments plus fast food options all over the city. Doordash is definitely a thing in Quincy too!

For the Organized Play side of things, we are definitely offering Pathfinder Society Second Edition and Starfinder Society gaming. These will be in the form of scenarios, bounties, quests, Beginner Boxes, and one-shot adventures. We are not able to offer any multi-table specials for either game at this convention due to the way the calendar falls. Starfinder’s is in an embargo until September and Pathfinder doesn’t drop their new one until Gen Con at the beginning of August. That’s okay though! The League of Aroden runs a national event with the newest Pathfinder MTS in December as part of the Toys for Tots charity drive.

If you are only planning to play at QuinCon 36, wonderful! We are glad you are coming and looking forward to meeting you there. Registration for this year’s convention is handled by the GRGG and they are using Tabletop Events. I’ve interacted with that several times before and it is very convenient to use. Just click on the link here or above to go to QuinCon 36’s Tabletop Events page to register and pay for your badge. Badge costs are as follows:

Friday: $15

Saturday: $20

Sunday: $10

Full Weekend: $35

I do not know about other games, but none of the game sessions that the League of Aroden is sponsoring have any ticket costs. Tickets are free to our tables, but you still have to register them to sign up for the table you wish to play at. We will be honoring tickets first and walkups second for all tables of PFS2 and SFS. Please be aware that we are in the process of getting GMs and sessions set up. I will pass along the first wave of tables to the GRGG to be put into Tabletop Events right after Memorial Day.

If you have a desire to GM, this information is for you! First of all, GMs who run three or more full sessions will receive a free badge for the weekend. Right there is some good incentive to run some games. Not only that though, but we have applied for Organized Play Convention Support as usual. That means GMs and Players will be receiving bonus Achievement Points for the convention. Those add up pretty quickly if you play regularly. If you want to get some even quicker, GMing at a convention is a real fast way to earn them.

To register with us as a GM for PFS2 or SFS, or even the PACS if you want to run that (I would love someone to do that!), just click on this link to our GM registration page and fill it out so we know you want to run some games at QuinCon 36. Once you do that, head on over to our Event Schedule Sheet to see what blocks are available. GMs are asked to input the # and name of the adventure, the tier for it, and their name in the appropriate blocks. This year, we are letting the GMs pick the system and specific adventure they wish to run. I am suggesting 1-4s, 3-6s, maybe a 5-8 or so, bounties, quests, and Beginner Boxes. We have not offered any Season 4 PFS2 sessions from 4-9 onward. There is no active SFS in the area, so anything put out for Season 5 or 6 of SFS will be great as will any SFS repeatable.

I am going to offer PFS2 4-15 In Glorious Battle (9-12) on Saturday night. Please note there are no pregens for this adventure as PFS2 has none beyond L5. Also, 4-16 and 4-17 are not available to run as they are not going to be available until after Gen Con. All of the PFS2 Season 3 1-4s were offered at last year’s Gen Con, so be aware of that when considering to run them. Now, not everyone played them last year either, so they may be possible and they may not make a table either. Just be prepared for either possibility.

This year, I will be offering a class on building characters for PFS2. That will be in the first block on Saturday morning and will be 2 hours long. Those who sign up for it will be able to play their new character in an adventure as we will have a few shorter adventures set up as part of the convention that are one to two hours long on Saturday as well as our regular scenarios.

If you have questions, please contact Xathos at and I will answer them to the best of my ability. I will also be using that e-mail address to send GMs who sign up for three sessions their free con registration information. If you are running 3 games, don’t register for QuinCon 36 until after I send you that information. If GMs want to run sessions and need access to the adventures from Paizo as a drop, I will need you to register by June 1st with us via the GM Registration Form.

We will have a printer on site, at least 2 computers to access the Internet, and pretty much everything needed at the HQ to run games. We just need you as a player and or as a GM. Hope to see you there!


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