Gryffyn Flight – Hannibal, MO

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What: Gryffyn Flight Lodge – Hannibal, MO
When: Weekly every Thursday night. Social Hour is 5:00 PM. Tables fire up at 6:00 PM
Where: Game Arena in beautiful downtown Hannibal, MO at 225 Broadway.
Who: Venture-Captain Jimmy Dick E-mail:
Venture-Agent: Russell Amberson E-mail:

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Way back in the summer of 2018, I had some students who wanted to play Pathfinder Society. We got together a couple of times at Java Jive in downtown Hannibal since there was no game store in Hannibal at that time and ran some PFS1 scenarios. We had a really good time, but when the semester ended, all of the students left to go to a four year college as they had completed their degrees at Moberly Area Community College. Our proto-lodge, the Order of the Golden Griffin went into hiatus as I recovered from a heart attack and was unable to try to find more students who wanted to play. Instead, we focused on expanding the Absalom Lodge in Quincy. When Game Arena moved to Hannibal, I took some steps toward restarting the lodge in late 2019, but the pandemic pretty much stopped things cold for a while.

Fast forward to 2021 when MACC started to have live classes again. Todd and I were ready to start live gaming again, so we went down to Game Arena and worked with them to set up a steady night for running Pathfinder Society. We settled on Thursdays at 6:00 PM and announced the first session for April 29th. That first gathering was successful and over the next year we built up the player base. The rebranded Gryffyn Flight Lodge was the first lodge in the League of Aroden to resume live play after the pandemic shutdown. As with any lodge’s beginning, we had our ups and downs for a bit, especially with the continuing persistence of Covid. But, we kept coming and today have a solid core of players and GMs, with our weekly game nights fluctuating between one to two tables.

I am pretty sure David is about to suffer some pain!

Typically, we begin to arrive at Game Arena around 5 PM for a social hour where a lot of pretty interesting conversations about character building take place. Our tables begin to fire off at 6:00 PM. We have the luxury of running different Pathfinder 2e adventures due to being a weekly lodge. To date we’ve ran six levels of Abomination Vaults, the Pathfinder 2e Adventure module Troubles in Otari, several of the short adventures from the Dark Archive, as well as plenty of PFS2 scenarios. We are planning to run the March of the Dead adventure from Book of the Dead in October on the last two Thursdays, and are looking at running Crown of the Kobold King when it comes out later and is sanctioned for play, probably November. We are looking at alternating that with some scenarios.

If you like to play Pathfinder and can’t make it to one of our local monthly Conclaves, then give Gryffyn Flight Lodge a chance to see if it works in your schedule. Many players from both lodges play at both locations due to scheduling and especially for the ability to play the non-Society Adventures like Crown of the Kobold King in a live setting with pretty stable continuity. Everyone is welcome at the tables and there is no fee charged for playing Pathfinder games by any lodge GM in the League of Aroden. Game Arena also does not charge any table fee and we really appreciate that a lot!

Remember that Gryffyn Flight Lodge is part of the League of Aroden, which you can more about here at our website, but since you are reading this, you have already read that. Just know these things about the League of Aroden.

  1. AWESOME PLAYER EXPERIENCE – We seek to deliver as awesome a player experience as we can at every table. This is our hobby and we enjoy it. We want you to enjoy it just as much as we do. The best way for that to happen is to make having fun our main goal.
  2. NO TABLE FEES – The League of Aroden never charges a table fee for any of our events. The venue may charge a fee and some do, but we ourselves do not.
  3. GM TRAINING PROGRAM – We have a GM Academy program which we offer annually to train our GMs to be better at what they do. Our League officers are required to GM regularly to hone their craft and have the opportunity to consult with a 5-Star/Glyph GM privately. Two of our Venture-Officers have extensive experience in GMing and have earned multiple Stars, Novas, and Glyphs. They too are available to consulting our GMs. Several of our GMs have already earned their first 2e Glyph and are working steadily toward their second one.
  4. VENTURE-OFFICER CADRE – Every lodge has a Venture-Officer with a higher ranking VO to report to in the chain of command in order to resolve any issues that come up. The VOs are tasked with following the rules of the Organized Play program so that your gaming experience is consistent throughout the League, and therefore throughout Organized Play itself globally.
  5. COMMUNICATIONS – We maintain this blog, several Facebook pages, Warhorn sign-up pages, and e-mail lists for each lodge. We try to notify players well in advance of our events and offerings. We make the rules and information available to everyone so that they can learn about the game and participate at the level they prefer.