Pathfinder Society (2e)

Pathfinder Society is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign using the Pathfinder Second Edition ruleset. Take on the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world.

The Story So Far…

During the Pathfinder Society’s first year following the devastating return of the Whispering Tyrant and his undead hordes, agents from across the Inner Sea and beyond banded together to reclaim lodges, recruit new members, and restore knowledge and information lost to time and disuse. As Pathfinder agents worked together to reclaim lost stories from their organization’s distant past, they also concluded a long-running diplomatic foray with the Absalom kobold civilization known as the Sewer Dragons, while finding new friends in the iruxi nation of Ekkeshikaar, the hobgoblin nation of Oprak, and the Iobarian leshy community.

The Society’s many adventures and discoveries resulted in a climactic battle in the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. In overcoming a powerful monarch of the First World and their fey minions, the Society gained control of an ancient demiplane and discovered one of their own inside: founding member of the Pathfinder Society and half-orc adventurer of legend, Gregaro Voth. With Voth’s unique historical perspective and a resounding victory under their belts, the Pathfinder Society set their eyes on another adventure: founding a new lodge in the haunted ruins of the northern subcontinent known as Iobaria.

What began as an exciting foray into the ancient forests and ruins of Iobaria quickly turned disastrous, as one of the Society’s leaders became possessed by a malign spirit and vanished into the wilderness! With the assistance of new allies, the Pathfinders enacted a daring ritual to track down their missing leader. In the process, they discovered a terrifying demon lord trying to force its way onto Golarion. They mustered all the strength they could to confront the demon lord amidst a ruinous firestorm, finally forcing it back to its Abyssal realm.

With the Pathfinder Society’s recent efforts focused on confronting dangers far and wide, new threats arose closer to home. Before the Society has even had a chance to celebrate its recent victories, a series of troubling correspondence from across the Inner Sea flooded the Grand Lodge—mysterious events threatened several of the Society’s lodges, all at once! In dealing with these disasters, the Pathfinder Society eventually learned that an old nemesis was responsible for coordinating the attacks. In a dramatic confrontation, the Society prevented their nemesis from absconding with a vast hoard of magical treasures. Now, it’s up to the Society to learn the secrets behind these treasures, discover why their nemesis wants to get her hands on them, and prevent her from enacting her evil schemes!

Pathfinder Society Factions

Pathfinder Society Resources

Character Options

List of rules content used in the Pathfinder Society campaign.

My Organized Play

A snapshot of your organized play experience, including characters, in-game benefits, and a play log. You may also access the Boons tab here to see what you can purchase for your characters with your Achievement Points.

Guide to Organized Play

Instructions for participating in organized play activities. 


Join community members in discussions related to Pathfinder Society.

Character Sheets

Blank character sheets to use in making your character

Pregenerated Characters

Premade versions of Pathfinder iconic characters for in-game use.


FAQ, Rules updates and clarifications from the Paizo design team.

Official Pathfinder Society FAQ

If you have a question about PFS2, character creation, or Achievement Points and boons, particularly exactly what some of those boons say in the text, this is the site you want to visit.

Additional Resources: Character Options

This page outlines character rules options available for use in the PFS2 Organized Play campaign. Here you will find explanations about rarity, access, and availability. Scroll down on the page and you will find a list of dropdown menus for every 2e rulebook and Lost Omens setting books. Click on the book you want to look at and it will bring up the sanctioning for the source so you know what can and cannot be used in the campaign. There is also some clarifications of specific rules in some of the entries.

Archives of Nethys

This site is the official host of the Pathfinder SRD. That means every class, ancestry, heritage, feat, skill, and rule for Pathfinder Second Edition can be found on the site. In addition, if you see the Glyph of the Open Road symbol beside the entry, that means it is legal for PFS2 use provided your character meets the access requirements.

Pathfinder 2e Wiki

A website dedicated to preserving the lore of Golarion in an online encyclopedia. The information on the site is easy to access and quite extensive as it combines the lore from 1e with that of 2e.

PF2 Tools

This site has a lot of web links to Pathfinder Second Edition content such as character sheets, monster builders, VTT features, podcasts and Twitch streams, guides, and et cetera.

PFS Prep

A wonderful site for GMs seeking GM tools and help with PFS2 scenarios, quests, bounties, adventures, and even adventure paths.

Accessory Perks & Promotional Boons

The site explains the benefits a player receives for wearing branded apparel or using official accessories during official events.

PFS Scenario Tracker

This is a great site for players and GMs to track what they have played and or GMed.

Character Building Sites & Applications

Herolab Online

This is an online character building site which requires a paid subscription and purchase of licensed PF2 content to use. There is a L1 CRB only demo which players can use for free. This is a premium character building tool with a toggle for official PFS2 content, but it can get expensive. The advantages are the ability to print out pdf copies of characters and their gear and spells with descriptions of them. Players can also export their characters build on HLO to the Foundry VTT.

Pathbuilder 2e Web

This is the web browser version of the Pathbuilder 2e Android mobile application. You can download the app at Google Play. There is not an Apple version. This app is very widely used, but does not have a PFS2 legal toggle. Users can pay a small fee to gain access to printing out characters.

Jason Bulmahn Builds a Character

Jason is the chief developer of Pathfinder First Edition and one of the four main developers behind Pathfinder Second Edition. In this YouTube video, Jason walks Dan Servo through character creation.