October Conclave at the Quincy Mall


We are getting close to the October Conclave of the Absalom Lodge of the Great Rivers Gaming Guild at the Quincy Mall. It is on October 27th and will consist of multiple games in two different time slots.

For the first time we will be running the Pathfinder Playtest! Paizo just released a new rules change to the Playtest and wants to test it out so they can see how well it works and what needs to be changed or modified in it. They are being very responsive to player input and that input has resulted in some good changes to the overall rules system. In this case, the scenario we are going to run at the October Conclave was overhauled specifically for the purpose of testing out this change to the Resonance (magic) system.


The first time slot has multiple games kicking off at Noon. The Pathfinder Society session is 09-06 The Shores of Heaven and is a 1-5 Tier. The Starfinder Society session for this slot is 01-10 The Half-Alive Streets and is a 1-4 Tier. The non-Society game will be The Witcher RPG. If there are enough players, an overflow Pathfinder Society session will be offered.

In our second time slot which begins at 5 PM, we will have the second part of a Pathfinder Society trilogy from Season Six, 06-14 Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2: Kaava Quarry. This is a 1-5 Tier scenario and there is no requirement that they all be played in order. Nor is there a special reward for doing all three parts. The Starfinder Society session will be 01-22 The Protectorate Petition and it is a 1-4 Tier. It is during this time slot that we will be offering the Playtest special Pathfinder Society scenario, Raiders of the Shrieking Peak. This is a Level 5 scenario that will use pre-generated characters which are provided by the GM. I ran this at Gen Con seven times using the 1.0 Playtest rules and all 40 players enjoyed it. There is no experience necessary to play this scenario. Also, a non-society session of Army of Darkness will be offered in this slot as well.

Finally, I believe that Heath has offered the people who don’t use dice the opportunity to share in the Conclave (you all know I’m teasing you…) so they too will be present.

Again, registration is open on Warhorn. Please register so we can plan to accommodate all of the players with gaming goodness! We look forward to gaming with you!

D&D Party

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