A New Society Has Begun!


It’s a new beginning for the Absalom Lodge this month. The debut of Pathfinder Second Edition has occurred at Gen Con on August 1st. Everywhere I looked I saw people walking around with a copy of the PF2 Core Rulebook. Thousands of copies of it were sold over the four days of fun in Indianapolis. Now that it is out, it is time to play it at our Conclaves.

For this month’s Conclave, I will be running PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation and PFS2 1-02 The Mosquito Witch. We currently have no other tables scheduled at this time, but I can add them to Warhorn for players to sign up for if a GM wants to run them. Also, it is my birthday. I will have a cake for the celebration and invite all the players to show up and enjoy! You can sign up for these sessions at our Warhorn page now. You can also see the new PFS2 Guild Guide here at the Organized Play site.

PFS2 1-01 The Absalom InitiationPFS2 1-02 The Mosquito Witch

There’s a lot going on for Organized Play now as we now have four different Societies of different games to play. We have Pathfinder Society First Edition (PFS1), Pathfinder Society Second Edition (PFS2), Starfinder Society (SFS), and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society. We have no intention of not offering tables for those editions but they will all be based on player desire. It is quite obvious there is a lot of demand for Starfinder, so that will be back in September. The Pathfinder Societies will probably have split time slots until we have enough players for a table in each slot.

As for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society, I just won a copy of the Core Set. I plan on introducing that game to our rotation in a month or two. That will also really depend on players.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Society logo

It looks great!

Now for something we need to address. We need more GMs. With the release of a new edition, this is an excellent time to start running games. There are not that many materials needed to run PFS2 as it just released. Everyone is figuring out the rules so that’s not a problem either. If you are interested, please contact me. It doesn’t matter what game system you want to run, you are more than welcome to run sessions. We would also like to expand beyond the once a month Conclave. If people want to run games on weeknights or Sundays at the Guild night we went to encourage them. Just let me know what you want to do and I will try to support you as much as I can.

That’s it for now! Sign up to play on the 24th!




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