Back to the Future for the Absalom Lodge Conclave

We’re going Back to the Future in January at the Absalom Lodge Conclave on the 22nd. So far, we have a scenario planned for each of the slots from Season 1, including the very first scenario for PFS2 which debuted at Gen Con 2019 and introduced everyone to the Season 1 metaplot.

First up in the Noon slot is 1-12 The Burden of Envy (Tier 1-4). Swindler, rogue, and occasional Pathfinder ally Guaril Karela has approached the Society with an opportunity that Valais Durant, the leader of the Society’s Radiant Oath faction, can’t refuse. Guaril has been charging refugees to sneak them out of Xin Edasseril, a city ruled by the Runelord of Envy, and now it looks like Guaril won’t be able to fulfill his contracts. Society agents are charged with sneaking into the dangerous city and sneaking out with a handful of its citizens before their absence is noticed so that the Radiant Oath can help them find new lives beyond their current ruler’s tyrannical reach.

In the 5:00 PM slot we will run 1-00 Origin of the Open Road (L5 pregens only). Over recent decades, numerous incidents at the Pathfinder Society’s Grand Lodge in Absalom have damaged the priceless collections, destroying many documents outright. The Society has sent the PCs to Nexus House in the arcane metropolis of Quantium, hoping that the second oldest Pathfinder lodge might contain duplicates of the lost texts to copy and study. Yet the PCs are not the only ones interested in the secrets preserved in Nexus House, and the PCs find themselves on the trail of unlikely criminals.

We do have room for another table in each slot if a GM wants to volunteer. I have a GM Call email out there if it got missed. Let me know what you want to run and we will schedule it.

You can sign up for these scenarios at our Warhorn Page right now!

The 1-00 is a fun one. I ran it on the first day of PFS2’s debut at Gen Con 2019 in the Sagamore with about 1000 players all participating in it at the same time. It was a wild session with at least one official ruling handed down on the spot and a couple of rule clarifications. No one had played a L5 character yet and there were a lot of questions as to how to apply credit for the session. We resolved it and had a blast (you can credit any character of yours with that character’s level value of gp up to L5).

Just a quick heads up! We will be focusing on the New Player Experience in February throughout the League of Aroden area. I am hoping the new player AcP grants are working at that point. To give our prospective recruits even more AcP, we are going to use the Beginner Box because it has double AcP values. It is also a repeatable set of adventures which can hook into the module Troubles in Otari down the road. We will either offer additional Beginner Box tables or a regular PFS2 scenario as well. For more on the Beginner’s Box, check out this review on MSN.

The February calendar will be posted in the sidebar regularly and is:

Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 – Gryffyn Flight! at Game Arena in Hannibal, MO – Thursday nights

Feb 12 – Valhalla’s Gate PFS at Vahalla’s Gate in Columbia, MO – Second Saturdays

Feb 26 – Absalom Lodge Conclave at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, IL – Fourth Saturday

If anyone wants to run some Starfinder Society in the future, let me know please.

See you on the 22nd!

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