Introducing the New Player Experience at the February PFS Smackdown

Beginning in February

Greetings Pathfinders! February begins another PFS Quarter and we are going to focus on recruiting New Players to join all of our lodges for February, March, and April. We are participating in a special Regional Support Program this quarter where players and GMs at all tables that are created for new players receive bonus Achievement Points. Most tables will be showcasing either level of the Beginner Box, 1-4 Tier repeatables or the latest Introductory scenarios. The Beginner Box tables are also double-bonus tables which means players will be earning 10 AcP per table while GMs earn 20 AcP.

Our goal is to recruit new players and the best way to do that is to invite your friends or others who are interested. To do that, we are encouraging members to Bring-A-Friend to our events during this quarter. There will be awards for members who recruit a new player who returns the following month.

The February PFS Smackdown is on February 12th at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, MO. We already have the tables planned and the Warhorn page is ready for players to sign up! I do want to point out that our main focus is on New Players this month, so the tables are all set up with new players in mind. We highly encourage members who Bring-A-Friend to play alongside their friend or friends at the tables. All of the tables are repeatable though and we want everyone whether new or old to enjoy the games and earn bonus AcP. Remember that the AcP are awarded to the player, not the character. Remember that the Beginner Box tables are already set for play with pregenerated characters only which makes them great for introducing your friends to Pathfinder with.

We have three tables of the Beginner Box – Upper Level set up in the first slot at 11 AM with an alternate table of Intro #1 if needed. That table will only be ran depending on the needs of the players themselves. We have two tables of the Beginner Box – Lower Level set up for the second slot at 3 PM and another Intro #1. This slot will run tables based on the needs and desires of the players who attend it. Again, the Warhorn page is ready for sign-ups!

The New Player Experience will be occurring at all three lodges in the League of Aroden in Feb-Mar-Apr. We have a pretty good local convention coming in July after having been cancelled due to the pandemic the last two years. QuinCon has been very popular in the past and should be again for Organized Play. We usually run the latest scenarios at it, so in April we are going to promote 3-01 Introduction: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries as part of the New Player Experience and run the early Season 3 metaplot scenarios in May and June as a lead up to the convention. Season 3 has been totally different than any other Society in that there are many more metaplot scenarios covering all tiers. In addition, each one of them is part of a larger multi-part series. We plan to run the concluding metaplot scenarios for the 1-4 and 3-6 tiers where possible at QuinCon.

So, if you want to unlock your favorite ancestry sooner than you expected, the New Player Experience is going to help you do that. Not only that, new players are going to be receiving a fast track to earning one as well. The fastest way is to GM or play! Once again, the Warhorn page is up and ready for you to sign up.

We will see you at the tables on February 12th!

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