More New Player Experience at the Absalom Lodge Conclave in Quincy on March 26th

Väl mött, äventyrare! We continue our New Player Experience on March 26th at Tri-States Games & Hobbies in Quincy, Illinois as well as the Bring-A-Friend program. Both have been successful at all three of our lodges in the League of Aroden area. Let’s keep the momentum going for the Absalom Lodge this month. The Warhorn sign-up page is loaded and ready for everyone to sign up at. Last month was wonderful as we ran two complete tables of the Beginner Box in both levels. This month we are going to over it again if we have any new players attending who want to learn how to play Pathfinder Second Edition.

Fear not, Pathfinders! We are going to also offer the second intro scenario, United in Purpose which is made for fledgling Pathfinders just setting out on the Open Road! This scenario is a L1-2 that works well on its own or in conjunction with Intro #1: The Second Confirmation. These intro scenarios are great vehicles for teaching aspiring Pathfinders the basic ropes of Pathfinder Society and Organized Play.

Many players at the Absalom Lodge Conclave have played the Beginner Box and the Intros, so we are also going to move them along into Season Three’s metaplot which is completely different than any other previous season of Organized Play we’ve ever had! With the Pathfinder Society’s attention focused on distant lands as of late, new threats have arisen closer to home. The Grand Lodge is suddenly overwhelmed with desperate calls for aid from lodges across the Inner Sea—and from the Society’s allies within the city of Absalom itself! Are these unrelated events, or a unified effort to undermine the Pathfinder Society? Whatever their origin, one thing is certain: if left unchecked, these threats may topple some of the Society’s greatest lodges and alliances!

Season 3 Shattered Sanctuaries emblem

The Year 3 metaplot includes 14 adventures. We broke them up into six “metaplot arcs.” Each arc tells a small part of the overall Year 3 story. You can play some of the arcs, or all of them, as you like. Each arc tells a contained story which fits into a broader narrative. In the case of Year 3, each of these arcs tells the story of a strange disaster befalling a Pathfinder Society lodge in one of six nations in the Inner Sea: Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Osirion, Qadira, and Taldor. With that in mind, we will offer 3-01: Intro to the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries which is a L1-4 repeatable scenario (another really good one to bring a friend to play with)!

The Road to Quin Con!

As we all know, Quin Con is our local convention and we are going to be at it with as many tables of PFS2 and SFS as we can fill. On the PFS2 side, we are going to heavily feature the Season 3 metaplot scenarios which is actually pretty simple to do since almost all of the Season 3 scenarios are part of the metaplot! As we move through our recruitment phase we are going to also be working on getting everyone’s characters ready for play at Quin Con. That makes this month a great time to get started playing Pathfinder and getting your characters leveled up.

First tables fire up at noon on March 26th at Tri-States Games & Hobbies. The second slot of tables will fire up at 5 PM. We are going to feature two scenarios in the second slot but they will depend on who is present for firing. If we have several new players, we will of course run the second part of the Beginner Box for them. We will also feature 3-02 The East Hill Haunting which is part of the Season 3 metaplot. It is a nice L1-4 adventure written by one of our Venture-Agents who has since moved to the Online Region. I will have 3-03 Echoes of Desperation available for more experienced players as it is a L3-6.

Again, most of our schedule for this month is designed to help new players learn how to play Pathfinder, to transition them into Society play, and to get more players started in the Season 3 metaplot. That means we are being very flexible with what we do at the New Player Experience. Next month we will be focusing more on Season 3 scenarios as we prepare for Quin Con 35!

One last thing. You may have noticed the Starfinder Society logo on that Road to Quin Con ad. We are going to begin offering Starfinder Society tables at our Absalom Lodge Conclaves as Season 5 begins in June. We used to have a pretty good group of SFS players, and we want to encourage them to play SFS at Conclave again. Plus, rumors of something called the Drift have sparked curiosity amongst Pathfinder players. What is this mysterious Drift? We will see in June!

But until then, we will see you at the table on March 26th!

Explore! Report! Cooperate!

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